Taal Eruption: Things to Consider if Your Wedding is Happening in the Next Few Days or Weeks

Due to the Taal Eruption, couples are now asking themselves “will I relocate or change dates for my wedding or not?”. So many questions, fears and concerns are overwhelming those who are getting married soon, especially in locations such as Tagaytay, Cavite, and Batangas. Issues on refunds, change in locations and even postponing the event itself is now a huge topic of conversation for couples, their guests, and wedding suppliers. Since this is a sensitive topic, we are trying our best to consider all parties involved. Though there is not one clear answer, and tough choices will surely be made, here are some things you can consider to aid in your decision making.

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What We Already Know

  • Most roads are still closed
  • Venues that are hit heavily by ash fall might be impossible to use or access
  • Cancelation of flights is still highly possible
  • Taal Volcano is currently classified as an active volcano. Therefore, it may or may not explode. There is no timeframe for this. It has remained quiet for a few decades, and could possibly go back to being quiet. But it could also erupt.
  • While some guests will feel comfortable going out and attending your event, the reality is you will have guests who might be worried and concerned to brave locations near the Volcano.


What You Can Do

Stop, reflect, calm yourselves
Evaluate if you are giving the proper response to the situation. Do not overreact, but also do not be careless. The key is communication and reflection to make the right decisions.


Know the risks if you decide to pursue your wedding
Evacuation plans and availability of medical support need to be prepared on location as a precaution.


Calmly discuss with your suppliers
Refunds and rebookings will depend on your contracts or supplier discretion. Wedding Suppliers put clauses in your contract to also protect them from danger and harm which is their right. Discuss options that they may extend should you need to make changes in your wedding schedule. There is no winning side to this.


Prepare a Plan B
Should you want to find an alternative location, it might be best to already scout for a new venue since some locations and available dates might be unavailable.


At the end of the day, the choice is really yours. It will always be a tough choice whether you go through with it or not. But I believe that in the end, all things will fall into place. The most important things is that you are still together. That’s a priceless blessing in itself.

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  1. My wedding isn’t until June and it’s a destination wedding. I’m not sure whether I should start considering alternative locations or hope that all will be better by June.

    1. I have the same dilemma. My wedding is in May and tried to find an alternative venue but my heart is already set in tagaytay.

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