18 of the Cutest Flower Girls Ever (Part 2)

Today we’re shifting the spotlight from the bride to someone just a bit cuter… the flower girl! Who doesn’t like looking at adorable little girls in cute and fashionable dresses? If you weren’t able to get your fill with our first roundup of the cutest flower girls ever, we’re here to bring you even more! So if you’re ready for all the cuteness overload, please, begin scrolling, and enjoy!

The Cutest Flower Girl Looks


1. Isn’t this flower girl just angelic? We’re loving her lace sleeves and headpiece (complete with her matching pomander bouquet)!

Photo: Mayad Studios | Real Wedding: Simplicity Ashore


2. This trio couldn’t be any lovelier in their pink dresses, hairbands, and arms around each other.

Photo: Pat Dy | Real Wedding: Fanciful Festivities


3. This little darling is adorable in her beige lace dress and her boho bouquet.

Photo: Toto Villaruel | Real Wedding: Blooming and Beautiful


4. Can flower girls pull off black? This little girl sure proved that they can! She makes it look chic and elegant.

Photo: J Lucas Reyes | Real Wedding: Undeniably Urban Chic


5. We love how unique these flower girl dresses are! Check out the one shoulder strap, the petal bodice, and the colorful skirt!

Photo: Marlon Capuyan | Real Wedding: Wonderfully Whimsical


6. How can this flower girl not be cute? Her detailed bodice, tiered skirt, and just the color of her dress–are all details that make us sigh. (Plus, just look at that little head tilt!)

Photo: MangoRed | Real Wedding: Romantic Spark


7. Black, white, and beige sound like such grown up colors, don’t they? Well, not for these pretty girls!

Photo: NYAPS | Bride and Breakfast Styled Shoot: Tropical Colonial Chic


8. How adorable is this little angel in her strapless mint green dress?

Photo: Team Benitez Photo | Real Wedding: Amazing Al Fresco


9. Here’s an idea for flower girl clothes–separates! The white top and peach skirt are two separate pieces that clearly go well together.

Photo: Bryan Venancio | Real Wedding: Red Radiance


10. Coachella + Adorable girls = Cuteness overload!!! Need we say anything more?

Photo: We Do It For Love | Real Wedding: The Coachella Charm


11. Tiers, ruffles, dust blue, silver, and these lovely young girls are a match made in flower girl heaven!

Photo: Nicolai Melicor | Real Wedding: A Rustic Romance


12. Here’s something you don’t see everyday! If you’re going for a themed wedding, go the extra mile by incorporating your theme in your flower girls’ clothes–just like they did in this wedding! Can you guess what theme the wedding had?

Photo: Cherryblocks | Real Wedding: Wings of Wonder


13. Headpiece? Check. Pearl necklace? Check. Long-sleeved top? Check. Printed floral skirt? Triple check! Now if only her outfit came in our size…

Photo: Randolf Evan | Real Wedding: Blushing Blossoms


14. These smiley little angels will make anyone’s day! We’re totally digging their all-white outfits and matching headbands.

Photo: MangoRed | Real Wedding: Coastal Chic Celebration


15. Ooh, look at the sheer tops, the mint green skirts, and the ruby necklaces! These flower girls are rocking it!

Photo: Law Tapalla | Real Wedding: Quirky Cuties


16. These girls made it to our list because of their unique dresses. Check out that sleeve! We want!

Photo: Toto Villaruel | Real Wedding: A Touch of Blush


17. This adorable cutie’s dress is both elegant and lovely. And can we just say, that her cuddly companion Tigger definitely gives her more cutie pie points!

Photo: We Do It For Love | Real Wedding: A Tasteful Fairytale


18. Can little girls pull off the cold shoulder dress? We say yes! Just look at how lovely these little ladies are!

Photo: Nicolai Melicor | Real Wedding: Darling Duo


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