Shoepatos Can Customize the Shoes of Your Entire Bridal Party!

Now that the wedding planning is well on its way, and you’ve chosen and gushed over the perfect gown of your dreams, you find yourself wondering how you can complete your bridal look, and several questions come to mind. Like what shoes will complement your dress? What color and accents should you choose? How can your entourage look tie up nicely with your overall theme?

While buying a pair off-the-rack may be a convenient option for you and your entire bridal party, having your shoes customized (and even personalized!) specifically to your size and style, can do wonders on your special day, not to mention the time you’ll save on shopping! We discovered Shoepatos by Doreen Odvina, a brand of custom shoes that are manufactured in Marikina, and asked a few ideas on how you can customize your footwear as you step into your big day.

Shoepatos can customize the shoes of your entire bridal party!


For the bride

All weddings are a celebration of two couples ‘standing in love’ through thick and thin, committing to a vow that’s unbreakable. Ironically, you’ll find yourself literally standing, too, almost the whole day — posing for photos, greeting guests, walking down the aisle, and tip toeing towards your husband for the first kiss! You’ll definitely need a pretty sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes on your feet that are specifically made for you and your style. If you like, you can include some lace and sparkles on that, too!

Let the accents of your wedding gown trickle down to your custom shoes. More sparkle is always a good idea!

For the groom

Turning away from the bachelor lifestyle can send jitters all the way to his feet! He’ll need everything that can add confidence to his stride and walking in his own shoes that is perfectly his style and taste will definitely help. Using only the finest materials like genuine leather, wood and rubber for the soles, here’s what Shoepatos can do for your groom.

Choose a shoe color that matches your suit, belt, or neck tie.

For the entourage

You’ll think that you’ll be able to handle all your wedding preparations alone, but you don’t have to! Your entourage is more than willing to help you make your dream wedding come true. Your bridesmaids will run errands for you, keep you sane, and give you pep talks along the way, while your flower girls and bearers are sure to successfully carry out their task of adding cuteness and charm to your day. I’m sure they’ll appreciate a thank you token from you, like their own customized and personalized entourage shoes! Shoepatos can make custom shoes starting from infant size up to size 12 for adults, in any type and height of heels, and in any color. They can even customize the insole stamp of each shoe with the couples’ names, logo, or wedding date, so it can double as their souvenir of your lovely day.

Show off those matching shoes and strike a pose! Your bridesmaids will have so much fun for sure!

For the boys and girls

Don't forget to take a "mini me" shot with the little ones! Memories like this are always a joy to look at!

With compelling price points and expert local craftsmanship, going all custom on your big day may be the extra boost of personality you’re looking for.

Here are more ideas for you.

Contact Shoepatos by Doreen Odvina through their Facebook Page or at +63(2) 7 959-7787 or +63(917) 536-7336 for orders and inquiries.


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