18 Of The Cutest Flower Girls Ever

Move over brides, our stars for today are these little munchkins and they are sooooo ready to steal the spotlight! We’ve got all sorts of ideas for your flower girls, loves! So get ready! Sit back, relax, and just absorb the cuteness!

Can you make it through this post without saying the word “cute”?


1. This lovely little fellow is ready for her telenovela. We can’t handle that look!!! See this pastel beach wedding here! [Photo: J Lucas Reyes]


2. How about dressing them similar to you? These little mini me’s are way too adorable! See this white wedding here!  [Photo: Green and Purple Photos]


3. Some tulle tenderness from this cheeky little tot? I just want to hug her forever! More adorableness in this sleek nude wedding here. [Photo: Metrophoto]


4. Why not a coconut girl instead of a flower girl for a beach wedding? What a neat idea! The full gallery of this blue seaside wedding is here! [Photo: Jaja Samaniego]


5. Layers of fabric and cuteness! What a total cutie! P.S. – Check out that face!!! Oooh those puppy dog eyes! See this elegant blush wedding here. [Photo: Metrophoto]


6. This look reminds me so much of the Von Trapp family! Cue in the song Eidelweiss and my Sound of Music reminiscing will be complete! Check out this elegant and rustic garden wedding here! [Photo: Pat Dy Photography]


7. This simple white long-sleeved dress is refreshing to look at! Definitely perfect for a laid back beach or garden wedding. Check out this hip and cool beach wedding right here!  [Photo: Paopao Sanchez]


8. Baby’s breath paired with this baby pink tulle dress is too charming! See this sophisticated garden wedding here! [Photo: Francis Perez]


9. This one is definitely double the cuteness! That turquoise dress filled with frills spells chic adorableness! Check out this turquoise wedding over here! [Photo: Marlon Capuyan]


10. How about dressing your little girls with beaming bright dresses such as this bunch? Check out this bright red orange garden wedding here! [Photo: Teki Diaz]


11. A lace-y dress and blue floral crown, with the sweetest smile? I just love this whole flower girl look! More of this little cutie in this bridal collection!


12. Ahhh, I can’t help but smile with this cute chubster! See this mint green wedding over here! [Photo: J Lucas Reyes]


13. Printed dresses with a huge flower headband for that country charm feel? That’s a yes for me! Full set of this charming country wedding over here! [Photo: David Hanson for Enoxx]


14. A modern Little Mermaid? I adore this frill-y dress! So stylish and fab! See this colorful and playful affair here! [Photo: Jorem and Sheila Catilo]


15. Or making them hold signages for the groom to see! Definitely a different but cute take on a flower girl! See this D.I.Y. wedding over here! [Photo: Nicolai Melicor]


16. This glower girl dressed up in a baby blue tulle dress is such a delight to look at! And can I just say… Those precious eyes!!! Check out this Tagaytay wedding here. [Photo: Cherryblocks]


17.  A sparkling gold dress might do the trick! Check out this little cutie! See this gold wedding over here! [Photo: Pat Dy]


18. Can I have this flower girl for my wedding? Too much cuteness in one photo!!! See this soft-hued wedding right here.  [Photo: Nez Cruz]


So tell me, were you able to hold back the word “cute”? I definitely did not!

Whether you are dressing your flower girls with flower crowns, tulle dresses, or bright colors, I hope you were able to grab a peg or two from this post!

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