Martine and Cliff Unlocked the Secret Formula to Having the Most Amazing Wedding, and We’re Sharing It with You!

So we’ve been glued to our phones the whole weekend, gushing non-stop about how tasteful the whole #martineisaho celebration was. Since Martine, the creative director behind the Sunnies brand, is well-known for her very keen eye for details, we didn’t know what to expect, but we sure were excited! And true enough, while the event was unfolding and elements were slowly being shared over on social media, we couldn’t contain our oooohs and aaaahs to ourselves. So if you’re planning your own wedding, Martine and Cliff’s celebration of love is a sure treasure chest of tips and inspirations you can dig into while you plan your big day.

Martine and Cliff Unlocked the Secret Formula to Having the Most Amazing Wedding, and We're Sharing It with You!


Know when to turn it up or tone it down

If you think you have to choose between fun, bold, and grand, or subtle, tasteful, and timeless, Martine and Cliff were able to mix both. Their welcome dinner was fun and playful, with everyone wearing pink (yes, even the groom made a statement in his pink suit), while the weddng itself had a more soft and subtle direction. The ceremony was styled with simple florals and an arch that was set against the clear blue sky. Other elements like her makeup, bridesmaids attire, and the reception styling were also kept simple and dainty. But the fireworks at the end of the celebration? Definitely a resounding exclamation point of the experience. So a rule to keep in mind: Know when to follow less is more, and when to have fun with more.


Never lose yourself in the "shoulds"

During wedding planning, you will be exposed to usual trends and traditions that will convince you that you don’t have a choice but to follow it and go with the usual. Then here comes a bride like Martine who walks down the aisle with her hair down, looking divine as ever in her veil-less ensemble, reminding all of us that there is no such thing as “usual”. Her bridesmaids were all in white and were encouraged to go with their own style–no rules on the length and fabric, so everything looked effortless and relaxed! Ladies, don’t be pressured by social conventions. If you want something, then go for it!


Allow nature to help

Have you seen how beautiful the venue is? With the blue sky kissing the ocean adding to the magnificent backdrop of this already breathtaking wedding? And the sun deciding to come down and join the celebration, soaking the whole place with hues of orange and yellows? Ahhh, never underestimate the beauty nature can add to your big day. Nature really is the greatest event stylist anyone can ask for, isn’t it?


Prioritize what matters to you

You’ll often hear that prioritizing the elements that you want is very important in wedding planning. This way, you know what to splurge on or reconsider. Being the style icon that she is, Martine obviously went for a statement wedding gown. Walking down the aisle in a 2019 Rosa Clara Couture gown, she was the first bride in the world to ever wear a piece from this runway collection! The couple also decided to prioritize the destination aspect of the wedding, choosing to stay at Alila Villas Uluwatu. They not only wanted to give their guests a good experience, but also spent quality time with the people they love.


Don't forget about the attire

Of course your dress will be a big part of your wedding! Martine donned three beautiful gowns. She wore a whimsical pink Marchesa number to welcome her guests during the welcome dinner, and went for a sleeveless silk muslin Rosa Clara Couture gown with lace trimmings adorning both the waist and the deep V-neckline for her wedding day. During the reception, she wore a lovely custom Dana Harel gown with silver embellishments.

A tip to take from all this? Don’t be afraid to go with what suits your personality, and don’t be limited to just one designer. Also, think about your theme and venue, and whether your dress (or dresses!) will match both. Aside from that, what her guests wore also contributed to how beautiful the wedding turned out to be. She and Cliff sent out pegs and color palettes to their guests in advance, and this helped keep everyone in theme, and gave the wedding it’s unique aesthetic.


Stay consistent from start to finish

Consistency is key, and it definitely showed in this couple’s wedding. They stuck with the pink motif from their cute invitations and the outfits of their guests during the welcome dinner, to the color of her bouquet and minimal styling. They were also consistent in using the same blush combination of orchids and anthuriums for her bouquet and the centerpieces in the reception–so gorgeous! The way they subtly added color to the event was perfect. Even the cake topper was consistent with the illustrations on their wedding invites! Now that’s how you do it!


Showcase talent

One way of personalizing your celebration is by asking your friends and family to share their talents during your big day. We’re sure they would love to help you out! Plus, the experience will be fun and epic too! Just look at how Cliff dominated the drums while his family sang and danced along to the beat! This makes the whole experience one for the books!


Soak yourself in all the love

After all of the planning and preparations, Martine and Cliff didn’t forget the most important part of the celebration–love. As Martine walked down the aisle to her favorite song from the movie Romeo and Juliet, everyone was tearing up with joy. With friends and family around them (Her cousin-in-law and Georgina Wilson’s husband, Arthur Burnand, even officiated the ceremony!), all eyes were on the couple, and the beauty of two people dedicating themselves to each other for the rest of their lives was the perfect detail to their big day. This right here should be everyone’s non-negotiable.


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