We Dished Out More Wedding Planning Tips For Couples This November 2017

Even if it’s almost the end of the year, wedding planning doesn’t stop! Since any time is the best time to get married, we’re still here to guide you through all the planning you need to go through for your big day. This November 2017, we gave out more key wedding planning advice to help make the journey more manageable. Read on below, folks!


1. Here are ways your hubby-to-be can help you plan your wedding!

It’s his big day too, right? Having your groom in on the whole wedding planning process is definitely a win. We listed down a few things he’ll definitely want to help with. Go check it out!


2. More places to shop for your wedding gown

Photo by Julianne Syjuco

A lot of ladies get really particular about their wedding gown, and we totally feel you guys! We came up with another list of places you can buy your dress in Metro Manila!


3. Thinking about what wedding favor to give?

We found this versatile item that’s perfect for your wedding party–whether it’s going to be for your principal sponsors, your bridesmaids, or the groomsmen. Are you curious to find out more about it? Go ahead and read the article!


4. I’m getting married soon… who do I book?</. “>

We also came up with a nifty list of wedding suppliers you may need for your big day, as well as what they’re in charge of. P.S. – You can turn this into a checklist too!


5. And finally, more words of advice for couples who are planning!

Wedding planning may be tricky, but this is why Bride and Breakfast is here to help! We came up with practical wedding planning tips which discuss things like your timeline and your budget–all super important elements when preparing for your big day. Go on and check it out!

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