5 Reasons Why These Personalized Room Scents Are Impressive Wedding Favors

From succulents to mason jars, popular wedding favors have been getting more and more creative. A current favorite of ours are these chic personalized room scents. They’re just an all-around gift, perfect for any special occasion–especially weddings. We just can’t get enough of them! Plus, who doesn’t love having their room smell so good, right? So check out why we think these personalized room scents are awesome!

1. Elegant packaging

In this day and age, we all know that packaging is key. It’s what gets people curious and interested in a product. When the packaging perfectly encapsulates the product, it becomes irresistible. I mean, just look at it! It’s too pretty not to Instagram, don’t you think? It makes for a classy and stylish gift for every wedding guest!


2. Wide variety of scents

From mint to grapefruit, the scents will definitely leave you wanting more. It’s like there’s a scent for your every mood. Depending on what you’re feeling, you can spray whichever scent you want! You will never run out of scents to choose from! From your in-laws to your college friends, you’re bound to find the perfect scent for every type of wedding guest. Plus, it’s always a fun time trying to decide between scents.


3. Convenience

Since they’re neither bulky nor heavy, your guests will find no difficulty whatsoever finding a place for them in their homes! It’s something small but incredibly useful. It’s perfect for the bedroom, the living room, or even the bathroom!


4. Usefulness

Let’s be real, is there anyone who doesn’t like room scents? But okay, besides smelling good, they can also help transform your mood and help with your well-being. For example, you can start your day with a spray of cardamom and lemon to help increase your focus and concentration. Or you can go for a spray of pear, tea, and honeysuckle for an afternoon refresher. Plus, having guests over is never a problem when the house smells good!


5. Personal

Don’t you just love when people remember you through scent? You can send your friends and family photos, voice recordings, or videos to remember you by, but there’s just something very intimate and thoughtful about giving scents. In a way, it’s like saying, “This reminds me of you.”

More than the luxury of the gift, it’s the sentimentality of the scent that makes the gift thoughtful. Trust us, giving your guests scents will be a gesture that they’ll surely appreciate!


Love it as much as we do? Get these personalized room scents from Haven through their website and Instagram.

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