A List of Wedding Suppliers You May Need For Your Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, brides usually have different mindsets. It’s either they wanna D.I.Y., they want someone else to handle it, or they want to be a mix of both. This is where wedding suppliers–our fairy godmothers and godfathers–can help! We’re presenting a glossary of suppliers that you can consider getting for your wedding, depending on your needs.

Bridal Car - How are you getting to the church? Bridal cars put the grand in "grand entrance". Cake Baker - Who better to enlist than a cake baker for your cake cutting ceremony? Your cake won't just look good, but taste good too. If you're a fan of cakes, of course. (Who isn't, though?!) Catering - A caterer will take care of filling everyone's bellies in the reception. Day of Coordinator - A Day of Coordinator is the person assigned to make your big day run as smoothly as possible. He or she may be the same as or different from your wedding planner. Event Stylist - Just like a creative director, an event stylist magically transforms your venue into your ideal wedding setup! From the ceremony to the reception, your wedding's look lies in the hands of your stylist. Florist - This person is in charge of making sure the blooms are looking gorgeous. Whether it's your bouquet or the flowers decorating the aisle and the reception, you can be sure your flowers will look extra special when you get a florist. Hairstylist - Can sometimes be your makeup artist as well, depending if this is his or her expertise too. Host - The trusted person to keep your reception program alive and kicking! Invitations and Stationery - Ah, the traditional invites. Nothing beats receiving beautiful stationery in an envelope, containing the most important details of your wedding! Makeup Artist - If you wanna look flawless on your big day, the makeup artist is the answer. He or she will make sure that you are the most beautiful bride on your big day. Musician - Whether you're going for a band or DJ, your wedding reception must absolutely have music! Photographer - They're here to immortalize your wedding in still images and encase them in that lovely wedding album you'll be browsing years and years after the wedding is over! Planner - Depending on how hands-on you want to be and how much time you have, you may also consider getting a wedding planner to map out the logistics for you. Videographer - Wouldn't it also be nice to have audiovisuals accompanying your photos? Relive your vows, that moment when you veil was blown by the wind, and that first kiss! Wedding Outfit Designer - Whether you're looking at ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, or custom-made, having a gown and suit designer is probably one of the most crucial wedding vendors out there.

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