Eloquent beading, graceful silhouettes and exquisite details define the essence of a Julianne Syjuco bridal gown. Each embellishment is delicately crafted by hand, like fine pieces of jewelry on a couture garment; an ode to Julianne’s heritage of jewelry design. Desiring to attach emotion and sentiment with each piece, Julianne crafts artisanal confections that embody romance, youth and sophistication. She vows to reflect in each piece the same radiance and sensuality that only a bride, in love, can possess.


Julianne was exposed to art and luxury at a tender age. Born into a family of creative individuals, Julianne was set to inherit her mother’s craft of designing fine jewelry. However, heaven harbored other plans for her when she soon discovered her gift of bridal design. At the youthful age of 18, Julianne accomplished the daunting feat of creating her very first wedding gown. The gracious response from the audience ushered Julianne to her essential advocacy: that love is a beautiful thing to be celebrated, hence, her aspiration to create bridal gowns forever. Her belief, that “what the world needs is romance”, nurtures her sincere affection to create the most arresting gown for each bride.


Julianne infuses romance into her pieces by weaving details of softness and femininity. She is fond of contrasting elements, knitting modern flourishes with hints of vintage charm. With beadwork as poetic as it is tasteful, and frothy details meant to elicit the dreamiest sighs, Julianne’s delicate aesthetics also achieves rawness of character through texture, draping, and fabric manipulation. All of these artistries, Julianne layers one-by-one, to articulate the story of the wearer.



Julianne dreams in the morning and fantasizes at night to capture every bride’s romantic story. She believes that a wedding gown is more than an expensive piece of clothing. Rather, it is a courier of expression, a canvas for modernday love stories. By adorning her pieces with details that are personal to both the bride and groom, Julianne hopes to encapsulate sentiment and emotion, the kind of tenderness that a couple shares for one other. As each piece is carefully tailored to each client, there is a Julianne Syjuco gown for every bride, whether she’s a classicist, individualist, romanticist, modernist or a minimalist.


  • Slim’s Fashion School, Manila
  • Louis Vuitton, Philippines
  • Parson’s The New School of Design, New York



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