Planning Your Dream Beach Wedding? Here’s Why You Should Be Excited About the Opening of Crimson Boracay

When it comes to wedding planning, every couple wants to keep their stress levels to a minimum. Living every day, facing the hustle and bustle of the city, the need for a getaway is inevitable. The venue plays a huge role in each wedding–sometimes, it can even make or break one. Thankfully, some venues don’t […]

We Discussed Lots of Topics Essential to Planning Your Wedding This September 2017

Hey, ladies! Can you believe that 2017 is ending? Neither can we–time is just blazing past too fast! This September, we focused on a lot of pre-wedding topics and zeroed in on the most helpful and fun articles that can help you plan your wedding. From staying fit to which wedding venue you should consider, […]

A Floral Wedding with a Pink and White Color Scheme

If you were wondering what dreams were made of–this is it, folks! Douglas and Laura’s wedding looked like heaven. Imagine pink tones and floral arrangements everywhere! With Gideon Hermosa in charge of the event styling, you can already guess that this ceremony was no less than perfect! While scrolling through the photos that Jeff and […]

The Look


A Romantic Church Wedding with a Navy Blue Color Scheme

Hey, ladies! Let’s start our week with some love and romance, shall we? Chapter One Studios sent us some photos from Jay and Rio’s church wedding, and my hopeless romantic heart almost couldn’t take it! The navy blue accents, the bride’s Perez-Rubio Bridal gown, even her makeup by Jelly Eugenio is simply gorgeous, and I’m […]

These 12 Women Share the Best Thing About their Relationship

Sometimes the best things about a relationship aren’t even things. From compliments to just a simple look, our hearts are captured and our minds, captivated. See what these ladies had to say about the best thing in their relationship! Tagged: love / relationship / relationships