8 Things You Should Start Saying More Often in Your Relationship

Do you remember how at the beginning of your relationship, you would say things like “I love you” or give each other multiple compliments? Fast forward several months or years, and the “I love yous” have morphed into talks about wedding planning, or what you’ll be having for dinner. While those are all well and good, sometimes it’s nice to take a page out of the past. So here are eight things you should start saying more often in your relationship–no matter how long you guys have been together.

Things You Should Start Saying More in Your Relationship Photo: Bryan Venancio


Good morning/Good night
Bryan Venancio

Be the first and last person to greet your significant other. Pair this with a smile, and you’ll definitely brighten up their day. Can’t always do it because of work? Leaving little notes hidden somewhere in their belongings does the same trick!


How was your day?
Jaja Samaniego

Don’t make your conversations one-sided–asking about your partner’s day shows that you care about what happened to them, and are interested to know more.


I'm sorry
Benjie Tiongco

Having fights is a normal thing in every relationship, but don’t let your fights fester. Sometimes, it takes swallowing your pride, and saying these two words to help smooth things out.


Remember when...

Taking frequent trips down to memory lane are fun! Reminiscing about some cool adventures you guys had, or even how you met is a great way to remember why you guys are together, and why you’ve chosen to stay that way!


You are amazing
Jaja Samaniego

You don’t have to exactly say this phrase–any compliment will definitely make your BF or hubby feel extra special! Boost their ego just because, and say it because you mean it.


Thank you
Den Llanos Dee Photography

How often have you taken your significant other’s words and actions for granted? Saying thank you–even for the tiniest of things–is already a sweet and tender acknowledgement of everything he’s done for you.


We are a team
Matt Lee

Whether you’re experiencing difficulties in the wedding planning or elsewhere, it’s always nice to know that you’re not alone in it. You guys are a team, and you’ll be getting through everything together.


I love you
Nice Print Photography

Well, of course! Can you ever hear this enough? While showing your love is admirable, there’s nothing like hearing it straight from your partner.


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