A Beautiful Beige Wedding in Baguio

Today, we’re going to the city of Baguio! And aside from the beautiful ceremony and reception venues, I’m head over heels for today’s wedding color palette! Miguel and Nikki used classy tones of beige and champagne, and it looked super elegant! On top of that, Nikki’s Pronovias gown and Miguel’s JE&Co. suit looked impeccable! I can’t wait to […]

The Look


7 Places in Cebu to Have Your Dream Wedding

Who doesn’t dream of a beautiful, serene wedding on an island? Imagine white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and the ocean breeze–sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Lucky for us Filipinos, we have one of the most adorned beaches in the world, including the ones in Cebu! So if you’re interested in making your dreams of […]

A Travel-Inspired Wedding with Pale Green Accents

Everyone who likes traveling, raise your hands! If you’ve got both hands up like I do, then you absolutely cannot miss out on this set from Catilo Photography. Gary and Toj successfully incorporated their love for traveling in their wedding–and the results were pretty awesome! The invites, the table centerpieces, the bag tags for the […]

These Gowns Will Remind You of Timeless Fashion Icons!

If I ask you to tell me who comes to mind when I say ‘Fashion Icon,’ what would you reply? Did you think of a reply yet? I actually have three answers. Audrey Hepburn. Grace Kelly. And Jackie Kennedy. These three women are the goddesses of fashion that I continually look up to. And when […]

A Rustic Vineyard Wedding in Australia

Fasten your seat belts, because we’re about to take you to an international wedding! Today, you’re going to see Adelaide, Australia, and witness the big day of Vinnie and Margaux–and boy, am I excited to tell you all about it! The first thing I noticed were the wedding colors! (Now, if you’ve read that article […]

The Look