QUIZ: Which Type of Bride Are You?

Ever wondered which type of bride you are? Are you maybe bold and daring, or are you more quirky and artsy? Well, we have a fun way for you to find out! Take our quiz below, and don’t forget to share your answers with us in the comments section!

What gown would you like to wear?

What shoes are you eyeing?

Where will your ceremony be held?

The bouquet you want to hold is...

What will your bridesmaids wear?

What do you picture your groom wearing?

Where will you hold your reception?

For the musical entertainment, you think the best way to go is...

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What food do you want to serve?

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Which Type of Bride Are You?
The Classic Elegant Bride

(Photo: Helium Hearts by Marlon Capuyan) You love a timeless look, and you keep your color palette bright and airy with nudes and light hues. Your wedding is a beautiful fusion of traditional and modern, and it's never going out of style!
The Romantic Luxe Bride

(Photo: Blinkbox Photos) You just love love, and everything about your wedding looks so romantic! You are attracted to pink and blush hues, floral and hearts, and the sweetest quotes gracing the wedding signs on your big day. So cute!
The Chill, Laid-Back Bride

(Photo: MangoRed) Being chill isn't a bad thing! You're more concerned about the bigger picture rather than specific details, but that doesn't mean your wedding won't be gorgeous. From stylish yet relaxed outfits to spontaneous decor ideas, you'll totally nail planning for your wedding without stressing about it.
The Quirky and Creative Bride

(Photo: MR Villar) Colored gowns? Check! Funky decor? Check! Your wedding is all about character and personality, and that's what makes it unique. You'll place the things you want in there because you want to, and your guests will definitely see your persona shine through it all.
The Bold and Daring Bride

(Photo: Elizabeth Hallie Vy Design) You favor non-traditional wedding looks and decor, and that's what makes you special! From bold and dark color schemes to rocking a more sophisticated and mature look, there's no doubt that you'll have heads turning when you walk down that aisle.

Disclaimer: If no result shows up, this might mean that your answers may have resulted in a tie. 

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