It Was All About Wedding Dresses, Shoes, and Details this March 2017!

And just like that, the first quarter of the year is up. How are you guys in your wedding activities so far? If you’re buried deep, we can totally help you with these articles. This March, we discussed a lot of topics related to bridal fashion and planning–the essential things a bride-to-be should know! So if you were too busy to read up on these things a few weeks back, we’re here to give you a run down on everything you might have possibly missed.


1. Ever wished you had magical items that could help your wedding planning become a breeze?

Us too, honestly. So out of wishful thinking, we wrote this funny article of what items brides wish were real during their wedding planning! Stuff like a perfume that you spritz on to clone yourself–and voilà, you have another you to help you get things done faster. Or a button that can help you skip traffic so you can get to meetings faster. How we wish!


2. And while you’re at it, brush up on some wedding planning lingo too.

Photo: Foreveryday Photography

Some words have totally different meanings in the wedding world. Just like how the shower you look forward to every morning or night to relax suddenly becomes this party you’re anticipating which your bridesmaids will throw for you! Curious to know what other words change when you’re a bride-to-be? Read it now!


3. Go for a non-traditional wedding gown on your big day!

Wedding gowns are admittedly one of every bride’s favorite part of the wedding planning process, and rightly so! We did a roundup of printed, hand-painted, and fun gowns that you can don on your big day, and they’re just as dreamy as a white dress! Go ahead and check it out!


4. Custom-made bridal shoes are a thing, and it’s gorgeous.

Yep, you read that right! Besides having your bridal gown tailor-made, you can also do the same for your shoes, and who wouldn’t want that? If you want to know which of these custom-made bridal shoes by Jefferson Si are right up your alley, read on to see which one matches your personality! You’re sure to get some design inspirations too.


5. Speaking of customizing, here are other things you can personalize in your wedding!

Photo: Mark Cantalejo | Real Wedding: Bright and Beautiful

The more you personalize your wedding, the more it ultimately becomes sentimental. There are actually quite a lot of things you can do too–from the hangers to your shoes, we’re going to give you a whopping list of 20 details you can personalize for your wedding.


6. Alright, brides. What about taking a break and having a wine and cheese night?

Okay, so maybe you’re totally overwhelmed and you just want to relax after digesting all the info up there. Well, we have a suggestion for you–have a simple wine and cheese night with your beau! Read on to find out how you can kick back and relax with wine and cheese, as Mesclun’s head chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara dishes some tips. Definitely the perfect way to wind down after some wedding planning.


7. Are you aware of the hidden costs you have to pay for in your wedding? 


It’s quite common that you miss out on a few things while making the budget for your wedding. We came up with a list of hidden costs that many couples tend to overlook. Best to be prepared!

Have fun, ladies!

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