Which of these Bridal Shoes Perfectly Matches Your Personality?

You’ve got your dress, you’ve chosen your invites, your venue’s booked, and you’ve talked to the caterer and your photographer; but you still have that nagging little voice at the back of your mind that always haunts you when it says, “What am I forgetting?” Well, today we’re here to answer with shoes! Ladies, please tell us you haven’t forgotten your shoes! Trust us, it’s never too early to scout and shop for your bridal shoes. (You’ll need it for gown fittings for the hemline adjustments btw.) And yes, they’re just as important as your bridal dress.

Did you know that you can also have your shoes custom-made?

You read that right! And there are so many things to think about! According to shoe designer Jefferson Si, you’ve got to consider these four critical things: style, need, height, and comfort. (You don’t want blisters and aching feet on your honeymoon, do you?) But, most important of all, when choosing your bridal shoes, you gotta make sure they reflect YOU. Be yourself, and let your personality shine through your shoes. Need more help? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Check out our personalities (and their matching shoes) below!

Wedding Shoes for Different Bride Personalities


The Whimsy and Wonder Bride

Picture this: Hanging lights, flowers, lots of ethereal greens, an embroidered lace gown, and a flower crown. Sounds like your dream wedding? Well, these shoes are screaming that it’s perfect for just that! The floral accents will definitely be a great touch to your look, don’t you agree?


Fit for a Princess

These classic slip-on heels look so elegant, you’ll definitely feel like a princess when you put them on. For brides-to-be who fall in love with timeless looks and ball gowns, you’ve met your match! Swoon!


Chic and Cutting Edge

Perfect for the bride who’s always up to date with the latest trends in fashion, and wants that fact to shine with her wedding shoes! Modern minimalist and fashion forward ladies will love this.


Laid-back and Loving It

There’s no rule that states that you should wear the highest of heels on your wedding day. Who says you can’t wear flat shoes to your wedding? No one! These designs will give you maximum comfort but definitely won’t compromise on style. (So don’t be afraid to ditch those heels!)


Outdoor Wedding Girl

Now, you can easily picture these beauties being worn to beach or garden weddings… Aren’t they such a sight? You should definitely consider where your ceremony and reception will be held as these things also greatly determine your needs when it comes to bridal shoes.


Glitter and Glamour

Who can keep their eyes away from shimmer? Metallic shoes are head turners and sophisticated statement pieces for any outfit, and wearing it with your wedding gown will make for an unforgettable bridal look. Just take cues from these shoes!


Quirky and Playful

While weddings are typically known to be a formal event, there will always be brides who want the word “fun” to reflect in their celebration–something we admire! And if you’re one of those ladies, then you’ll naturally choose shoes that speak to you, just like these fun patterns! Makes for a unique bridal look, hands down.


Bold Enough to Make a Statement

If you’re the type of bride who loves to dress simply but goes for bold pieces to enhance her look, then these designs are definitely perfect for you. Wow everyone while walking down the aisle in your no-frills dress and killer pumps. Work it, girl!


Your shoesies deserve their special moments on your big day too. Don’t just settle with what’s available. Let your personality and individuality shine through your shoes (they do in your dress, so why not your shoes?). So that when you’re walking down the aisle, you know you’re walking in something that’s not just 100% you, but also something that you absolutely love.


Get in touch with Jefferson Si at: Facebook: facebook.com/customshoes.mjsi | Instagram: @jeffersonsi_designs | Email: si.markjefferson@gmail.com | Mobile: +639177795710


Bride’s Shoes: Jefferson Si / Flowers: Firma
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