The Pros and Cons of Having a Destination Wedding

Wedding venues are actually one of the trickiest things couples decide on for their wedding, and we can just imagine why! That place will forever hold the memory of your special day, and it has to be somewhere you can envision yourself walking down the aisle to, or having that “you may now kiss the bride” moment.

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Today, we’re going to address your apprehensions and set the real score about destination weddings. If you’re struggling whether you want to push or cancel your plans on having one, then listen up! Joed See Events shares with us the pros and cons of planning a destination wedding. So if you wanted to decide on the matter, this concise guide just might contain the answers to help you out!

The Pros:

1. For the ultimate bonding experience.

Destination weddings become an intimate and close-knit event. You get to spend quality time with your loved ones since you’re all in one place, and it’s also an excellent opportunity to bond with one another. Most of the time, it’s really the close friends and family who are able to allocate the time and money to be able to attend the wedding. Plus, it usually becomes more than a one-day event.

2. It helps limit the guest list, which could be a good thing–if you want it that way.

3. Who’s up for a mini vacation?

It becomes a unique experience for your guests. It’s probably not frequent for them to take time off their daily routines and just zoom in and out of different places, so it should be so much fun! You’ll even able to share locale food, traditions, etc. with your family and friends. Doesn’t that sound inviting in itself?

4. Knowing your head count is a bit easier since you’ll know if they’ve booked a flight already and such. This will help you in planning for the volume of people you’re getting, which is always a super helpful thing. (Those RSVP cards will be put to good use!)


The Cons:

1. If you’re going to be strict on the cash flow, listen up!

Destinations are super dreamy, but they also come with a price because you’ll need to go out of your way to book an extraordinary venue. If you total the overall cost of the wedding, it can become a lot more expensive. Most of it might go to transportation, too.

2. Building up on the cost, if you want particular (non-local) suppliers, this means flying them in from somewhere else. Flights, accommodations, meals, etc. will add to your expenses.

3. Small wedding or big wedding?

Some guests might not be able to attend because of budget constraints, which goes back to the point of your guest list being limited. This may not be the way to go if you really want to share the day with a lot of people, so think about the type of wedding you wanna have–will it be intimate or grand? Although, if you’re not really worrying about cost, then you can go for grand one if you wish!


More than just weighing the pros and cons of having a destination wedding, you and your groom-to-be should remember that this is your wedding and it’ll only happen once in your life… so it’s more important for you to make it special and do the things you like! We’re sure you’ll arrive at a decision in no time. Good luck, darlings!

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