6 Quick Tips to Save on Floral Styling

You won’t be able to deny it: flowers are almost mandatory in weddings. They just give so much beauty to your wedding and basically make things look better. However, more often than not they can be quite costly. This is why we asked Gideon Hermosa for some quick tips to save on your wedding flowers! Read on below!

[Flowers: Gideon Hermosa | Photo: Toto Villaruel]


1. Fill the place with more green foliage vs. just flowers.

Foliage is generally cheaper, so to achieve a fuller look without breaking the bank, ask your stylist to spruce up the place with those greens.


2. Focus on styling the areas that the guests will see more.

These areas are usually the entrance, ceiling, backdrop, and center of the ballroom. The key is creating an illusion of grandness by concentrating on areas where guests always direct their attention. Lushness is not required for every corner of the room.


3. Having simpler table arrangements can even be more conducive to conversations among guests. Taller arrangements can sometimes hinder your view.

If you are afraid to have simple table arrangements, don’t be! If the other areas are already pretty enough, a simple table arrangement won’t ruin the look of your wedding. More isn’t always more.


4. Choosing flowers? Go for white ones!

Though not entirely true for every flower, local white flowers are generally cheaper than colored ones.


5. To make the venue styling lush, go for more local flowers versus imported flowers.

In areas that you want to focus on, it might be a better option to scrap the imported flowers. You can ask your stylist to just be creative with the cheaper alternative!


6. Candles are an excellent alternative to making things look more romantic and expensive.

Do not underestimate the power and beauty of a candle-filled table. With minimal flowers paired with a lot of candles, your guests will surely feel the romantic vibe of a beautiful wedding.

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