Feathers and Frou Frous

Posted by Janna Simpao

Don and Gemma’s wedding is all about colored goodness and funky feathers. But aside from the catchy palette there is another thing that I declared as a visual enjoyment in these photos. I love it when an element in a wedding surprises me. In this case, it was the flower girl dresses. Time and time I’ve said that in my opinion, one of the most crucial things you can add a twist to are the little girl’s outfits. To make a better description, think walking decor!

Photography: Jorem and Sheila Catilo / Videography: Threelogy / Flower Girl Dresses: Etsy / Church: Caleruega / Reception: Sonya’s Garden

4 thoughts on “Feathers and Frou Frous

  1. you’re right cuz! i loooove the little girls’ outfit. sooo stylish. i can imagine chi-chi and bells wearing them :p

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