The Emerald Hue Looks Elegant in This Wedding!

A rich color like emerald makes a wedding aesthetic look luxurious and sophisticated. If you’re a fan of this jewel tone, take a look at Jay and Praise’s lovely celebration. This couple uses emerald as the main color motif for stand out details like the entourage attire and wedding cake. But to make their whole […]

Rich Hues of Blue, Purple, and Green Brighten Sam YG and Essa’s Special Day!

We love seeing couples who don’t shy away from rich, bold colors. Sam and Essa chose such hues that exude sophistication! Emerald-like green for the invitations and the entourage’s robes, a royal blue for the groom, Sam, looking dapper in his suit, and purple for the florals that make up an enchanting ceiling installation. Bold […]

Crazy in Love: Sam YG and Essa Get Real in Front of the Camera for the First Time

“When you know, you know,” is what people often answer when asked about finding “the one”. It’s a feeling that’s so hard to put into words, but when it is, it’s the sweetest and the most romantic set of words one can utter. Host and DJ Sam YG has all the right words for the […]

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    Who Will Host Your Wedding Program?

    Have you attended a wedding that felt like it went on for 10 hours just because the program was too draggy? Or can you recall a wedding that was so fun, you didn’t want it to end? It’s true, a program host can either make or break your celebration. Depending on the mood you want […]

    A Grand Celebration in White, Gold, Blush Pink, and Blue!

    Straightforward elegance describes the wedding of today’s couple, Earl and Frances. The grand details in this wedding are difficult to miss. The towering gold candelabras, the beautiful sprawling white flowers that adorned the venue, and the pink and blue hues of the bridal entourage. Everything just dazzled! But what puts an exclamation point to this wedding […]

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