8 Things You Should Start Saying More Often in Your Relationship

Do you remember how at the beginning of your relationship, you would say things like “I love you” or give each other multiple compliments? Fast forward several months or years, and the “I love yous” have morphed into talks about wedding planning, or what you’ll be having for dinner. While those are all well and […]

QUIZ: Which Rom-Com Movie Describes Your Relationship?

We love movies here at the B&B HQ! They make us laugh, cry, and get all those feelings (you know what we’re talking about). And we love it even more when we can totally relate to a movie plot, line, scene, or character. Don’t you? So, we decided to have a little fun today, and […]

10 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive While Planning Your Wedding

We know wedding planning can be wonderful–to be surrounded by beautiful wedding gowns, flowers, invitations, cakes, and everything else is amazing, but it can also be really, really stressful. Can you relate? (Don’t worry, it’s natural!) But amidst all the wedding planning and stress, your relationship (which is actually the reason you’re planning your wedding […]