10 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive While Planning Your Wedding

We know wedding planning can be wonderful–to be surrounded by beautiful wedding gowns, flowers, invitations, cakes, and everything else is amazing, but it can also be really, really stressful. Can you relate? (Don’t worry, it’s natural!) But amidst all the wedding planning and stress, your relationship (which is actually the reason you’re planning your wedding in the first place) is taking a back seat. So we’ve listed down ten ways you can keep the romance alive in your relationship while planning your wedding.

Keeping the Romance Alive and Planning Your Wedding


Continue Date Night

Please tell us your date nights haven’t become a thing of the past! If they’re slowly becoming extinct, we highly encourage you to call up your fiancé right now and schedule one. Come on! Having your time together is a must to keep the romance alive!


Have A "No Wedding Planning" Time

That’s right, if you both want to come out of this alive (hehe), there has to be times that you don’t talk about wedding planning. (Ahem, ahem, date nights!) You can also try to commit to having one day a week where you absolutely cannot talk about wedding planning. Take a breather from all the wedding planning hullaballoo and give yourselves a break. You both deserve it!


Incorporate Fun Into Wedding Planning

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be all serious and stressful. If you’re looking for a caterer, why not go on a food trip or restaurant hop? If you’re making the video slideshow for the reception, both of you can stay in, scroll through all your FB photos, and laugh at all the good times.


Do Small Things For Each Other

You don’t need to be showy or flashy to be romantic. You can buy your future hubby his favorite snack, send him a funny photo of you, or even give him a bear hug when he’s feeling down. Small gestures like these are expressions of love your partner won’t take for granted and will surely appreciate.


Surprise Each Other Once In A While

Nothing says “I thought of you” more than a surprise. Surprise your fiancé with a date, dinner, or even a road trip (if you have the time to plan one)!


Continue Communication

While we know your communication will mostly be about your upcoming wedding, it shouldn’t be just about that. You can try talking about your life together for a change, or something funny you saw or heard (you don’t necessarily have to talk about deep stuff all the time).


Try Something New Together

Cut yourselves a break and do something new! Whether it be exercising (getting in shape for the wedding?), going someplace new, or even taking a cooking class together–trying something new will definitely get you two to bond (and hey, maybe fall for each other even more. Who knows?)


Remember The Good Ol' Days

Reminiscing about the early days of your relationship is a great way to remember how you both started on this journey together. Your story might be funny, sad, or sweet, but one thing’s for sure: it had a happy ending!


Celebrate Moments Together

Don’t take your moments together for granted–cherish and celebrate them! Especially special moments like your anniversary, birthdays, and holidays. Don’t carry over your wedding planning stress to your special moments. Be happy!


Plan A Getaway Before Your Big Day

We know what you’re thinking: I don’t have time to plan anything else!!! But it doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. You can even ask your future hubby to help out or a friend or relative. (You don’t have to do everything on your own.) Besides, you’ll really need a break. Trust us, it’ll be good for both of you.


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