QUIZ: Which Rom-Com Movie Describes Your Relationship?

We love movies here at the B&B HQ! They make us laugh, cry, and get all those feelings (you know what we’re talking about). And we love it even more when we can totally relate to a movie plot, line, scene, or character. Don’t you? So, we decided to have a little fun today, and chose some movies that’ll hopefully match your romantic relationship. That’s right, answer our questions (don’t forget to take note of them), and find out which of our favorite rom-com movies best describes your relationship! Have fun!


Rom-Com Movie Quiz Which one describes your relationship?


How long have you known your significant other? A. Since forever! B. Maybe a few months ago? C. Oh, I just met him yesterday! D. Don't even get me started on my ex! E. What significant other?


What one phrase describes your relationship? A. Rainbows and unicorns B. #WalangForever C. I still get kilig every time! D. I'm so over him E. Nonexistent


What's your idea of the perfect date? A. Movie night B. Walking around (anywhere, the mall or a park--it doesn't matter) C. Eat someplace fancy D. Road trip E. Just sitting at home in my jammies, stuffing my mouth with junk food sounds fine


Your friends would describe you as... A. Someone who's friendly and outgoing B. Someone who's sappy and romantic C. Someone who likes to try new things D. Someone who's driven and a bit of a perfectionist E. Someone who's carefree


Choose a Disney movie. A. Mulan B. Peter Pan C. Frozen D. Aladdin E. Brave


If your car breaks down, who do you call? A. My best friend (who just so happens to be my boyfriend too) B. My dad or brother C. A random stranger passing by D. Anyone I can get. I'm desperate! E. No one, I can fix the problem on my own!


What characteristics do you find most attractive in a partner? A. Humor B. Success C. Looks D. Trust E. Intelligence


Which song do you relate to the most? A. You've Got A Friend In Me by: Randy Newman B. I Can't Make You Love Me by: Bonnie Raitt C. New Love by: Maroon 5 D. Shout Out To My Ex by: Little Mix E. Love Myself by: Hailee Steinfeld


If you had to choose one person to be the leading man in your life, who would it be? A. Justin Timberlake B. Joseph Gordon-Levitt C. Ryan Gosling D. Brad Pitt E. John Mayer


Where do you see yourself in ten years? A. Happily married with kids B. Still trying to find the One. C. Still on the dating market D. Crying over my latest breakup E. Still single!!!



If you got mostly As… What If (2014)

Indie Wire

You and your B.F. are best friends. Whether you’ve known each other since you were kids or just recently met, you two are inseparable and totally in sync with each other. And just like Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Karan’s characters, you’re totally comfortable with each other and have no problem just hanging out together. Awwww!


If you got mostly Bs… 500 Days of Summer (2009)

You’re sappy, romantic, and still moaning over that guy who was just not meant to be. And while Summer may have been the one to friend-zone Tom, their sad yet sweet story is one you can really relate to. This definitely has the #WalangForever feels!


If you got mostly Cs… 50 First Dates (2004)

You’ve just started a new relationship. You know the butterflies-in-your-tummy feeling? Well, you’re feeling it (and loving it too)! You’re also going on multiple dates (hopefully not 50!) and enjoying those kilig moments.


If you got mostly Ds… Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)


You’re still brooding over your latest breakup and ex. You may be sad, mad, or in denial. But whatever you’re going through, we’re sure you’ll come out of it strong! Just look at how Peter got over Sarah Marshall!


If you got mostly Es… How To Be Single (2016)

You are single and proud (maybe) of it! Boys, relationships? Pssh, you don’t need them! You don’t need to be told how to live your life or how to be single. (No need to ask for Alice Kepley’s help, you’re good!) You’re fine on your own, and loving everything about it. You go, girl!


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