A Light and Airy Intimate Wedding with Muted Classic Tones

Today’s wedding features a couple who chose to have only 50 guests even before the COVID-19 situation. A few years back when they were just a new couple, Groom Ice promised Bride Sweet that he’ll marry her at their favorite vacation spot–Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. And that’s exactly what they did! They lived the […]

The Look


A Classic Romantic Wedding in Emerald Green, White, and Gold

Emeralds in ancient history were a symbol of richness and royalty. It emanates luxury and sophistication, radiance and harmony, and Maurice and Hannah’s wedding definitely did not fall short of that. The whole wedding exudes class and elegance with the bride looking strikingly beautiful like a gemstone herself in her Michael Leyva ball gown. Her […]

A Fun and Bright Colored Wedding

While muted and neutral colors are timeless, going for a more vibrant palette can also make a wedding remarkable when done right. And today’s couple, Pao and Barbs, definitely knew how to make bright colors work! There are a lot of fun elements in this wedding thanks to the lively color choices that really made […]

Beyond Frills and Fluff: The Story of the Minimalist Bride

A scene from a few years ago: Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada enters, exuding quiet simplicity and soft elegance with every stride. She beams and flashes a smile that radiates like sunshine. On that day, Bride and Breakfast organized a shoot where she was to be at the center of it all—a woman we felt would perfectly exemplify […]

The Look




    This Elaborately Styled Gold and White Wedding Took Place in a Historical Haven

    Exactly four years before their wedding day, this couple went for a walk around Las Casas Filipinas when, all of a sudden, Raie asked Roni, “Do you want us to get married here?” Fast forward to the day of their 12th year anniversary and they finally tied the knot at the exact same place where […]