Gideon Hermosa Creates a Spectacular Indoor Galaxy for JC De Vera and Rikkah Cruz’ Wedding

Thousands of lights greeted Actor JC De Vera and Rikkah Cruz as they stepped inside their reception venue. The setup done by the team of Gideon Hermosa looked unreal! It was as if he stripped off the night sky of all its stars and placed it all indoors for the couple to enjoy. The event […]

A Classic City Wedding with A Gray and Burgundy Color Scheme

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s start the week right, shall we? Jeff & Lisa Photography sent us some beautiful photos from Jericson and Sharlene’s big day, and it was so classy. There were just so many classic elements in this wedding, and they all exuded sophistication and elegance. The color scheme for one, was perfect–burgundy and gray […]

The Look