5 Reasons To Have A Beach Wedding

I know, it’s a little daunting to have a destination wedding a few hours or miles away from home. For city people like me, going to the beach means packing for a few days and making a drive out. What more having to plan the whole shebang and bringing the wedding works out of town? […]

Winsomely Yellow

Sundays are pretty lovely days, aren’t they? Let’s take that loveliness up a notch, shall we? It’s quite easy to do with Carlos and Valaine’s wedding by James Limsoc. A beaming bride and groom set against the striking iconic Baguio scenery? Yes, please! Not to mention there’s nothing like a few hints of yellow to get us […]

Ease and Elegance

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple no-frills, no-fuss wedding to get us into a swooning mood. Set against the most gorgeous background of the ocean, this pleasantly laid back affair has beautiful written all over it. Byron and Ary’s big day is both easy and elegant. We loved how the bride sported a sheer […]

The Look



Fine Fantasies

Every girl dreams of being part of royalty; of being a queen or a princess. We grew up putting on crowns and watching animated princesses get their happily ever afters. Today, we’re lucky enough to be able to scroll through the real fairytale that is of Mac and Sarah’s. Their whole wedding party looked fit […]

The Look