5 Reasons To Have A Beach Wedding

I know, it’s a little daunting to have a destination wedding a few hours or miles away from home. For city people like me, going to the beach means packing for a few days and making a drive out. What more having to plan the whole shebang and bringing the wedding works out of town? Extra effort is needed to pull it all off, but trust me, the payoff is worth it! Here are some reasons why you should opt for a beach wedding.


1. You can make the simplest setups look grand. A setup as effortless as this can look so beautiful when you’re at the beach. The view of the ocean, the sand between your toes, and the cool breeze naturally takes you somewhere magical without even trying. See more of this small, intimate wedding here. [Photo: Jeff and Lisa Photography]


2. Your bridesmaids dresses can be a tad bit more casual. Since you’re in the beach where the setting is more relaxing and peaceful, most brides opt for their bridesmaids’ dresses (and guests outfits) to be simpler and more comfortable–flowy dresses that are made of thinner, lighter fabric so they can easily move around. You can’t help but feel the summer vibe when you’re standing on a beach, so you can take it down a notch and do away with the embroidered, layered, studded look, just like the dresses here. [Photo: Toto Villaruel]


3. Speaking of comfort… No need for heels! It’s just not possible. Most opt for wedges or dressy flats for beach weddings so they can comfortably walk on sand. So for the ladies, you can literally dance the night away without having to worry about being too casual in flats or dreading unwanted blisters the next day, because all the ladies that night are going for comfort, just like the ladies in this wedding! [Photo: James Limsoc]

Or Cristine Reyes’ choice of footwear here! [Photo: Nice Print Photography]


4. Pretty much any angle is picturesque. Whether it’s by the ocean, on the sand, or by some random rock formation by the shore, you’re sure to get a beautiful backdrop for your photos. The options are vast, with different color tones and textures available for your photo during different parts of the day–the blue ombre of the sea from the shore to horizon, golden hue of the sunset, fluffly clouds, and even textures that reveal on the rocks and greens. Look at how grand the natural backdrop can make a photo, just like in this El Nido wedding! [Photo: Leftfielder]

And another beautiful rock formation in this engagement shoot! [Photo: Jervy Santiago]


5. It’s an automatic vacation! Having a destination wedding on a beach usually entails a little roadtrip–for most of the city people, at least. And to avoid any back and forth, couples prepare for a few days of lodging in the location before and after the wedding day to be able to prepare before and get enough rest after a long day and night of partying. Though the wedding might get a little stressful, being in a destination away from the city makes you feel like you’re on vacation–especially when your view is the beach! I’m sure this beach wedding in Shangri-La Boracay felt like one! [Photo: Leftfielder]


And the big bonus? Fresh air! How can you resist a beautiful, more laid back, and relaxing location for the big day? After the festivities you’ll go back to the city feeling reinvigorated with a fresh new tan! Are you convinced yet? Share with us some of the beautiful beach locations you think would be perfect for your wedding!


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