How to Have a Three-Day Wedding in the Metro

Have you heard of the Three-Day Wedding trend? A three-day wedding itinerary is typical for destination celebrations that require you to travel so you can make the most out of […]

Bringing Color to the City: Spot the Subtle Rainbow Details in This Vibrant Wedding!

Incorporating personal touches is one of the best ways to make a wedding uniquely yours! Neil and Gem let their fun and adventurous personalities shine through in their brightly-colored wedding. […]

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Which of These 10 Tablescapes by Local Stylists Would Match Your Wedding Theme?

Styling plays a vital role in setting the stage for a wedding. It can completely transform your venue into an enchanting space with matching feel and ambiance! Tablescapes, in particular, […]

How will Your Wedding Look Like? These Event Stylists Can Make It Happen

All brides envision their wedding days differently. For some, it looks like a fairytale story. For another, it looks like a bohemian dream. Some brides want bursts of color, while […]

A Classy Gray-Colored Church Wedding in Tagaytay

Most people don’t really think too highly of gray as a wedding color. It’s usually just an accent color, and not usually the only color–but ladies, it actually looks pretty […]

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