Floral Arrangement Ideas That Will Give Your Wedding an Extra Wow Factor!

In wedding styling, flowers are among the most important details. The kind of blooms you choose for your arrangements can help set the tone of your special day whether it’s bright, romantic, dramatic, or moody. Nowadays, couples are becoming much more intentional with their floral arrangements, and are opting for remarkable designs that will truly reflect how they envision their dream wedding.

Since there are talented stylists and florists who are always ready to lend their expertise and artistry, you’re sure to achieve a stunning wedding aesthetic! If you’re looking for ways to create beautiful visuals using flowers, we rounded up a few arrangements from stylists and florists to help you out!

Floral Arrangement Ideas That Will Give Your Wedding an Extra Wow Factor!

Vibrant and Colorful Bouquets

While pastels will always be a favorite for wedding palettes, more brides are also expressing their fun and adventurous sides with bolder and brighter colors. Take a look at the refreshing pink and orange hues of this bouquet created by First of April. It’s a combination of bougainvilleas, hibiscus, and coconut palm seeds that certainly give off a vibrant, tropical feel. For the rest of 2022, and even for years to come, we’re expecting to see couples leaning towards colorful motifs, because being open to a wider selection of colors gives you more chances to have stand out floral arrangements.

Photo Credit: Helium Hearts, First of April

Grand Entrance Arcs

Another masterpiece from Gideon Hermosa is this entrance arc with pastel blooms that create an image of the Spring season. Having beautiful arrangements makes your entrance even grander! Imagine yourself being greeted by such romantic florals as you make your way to the altar. It’s almost as if you’re entering a magical world made just for you.

Photo Credit: Gideon Hermosa

Classic and Elegant Centerpieces

One thing is for sure, no matter what trends may emerge over the years classic details will never go out of style. Teddy Manuel creates a mesmerizing table scape by mixing decorative elements, like tall candles and low vases, with floral arrangements. Using these kinds of decorative details can really complement the beauty of flowers and highlight how lovely they are even more.

Photo Credit: Adrian Ardiente, Teddy Manuel

Combination of Dried and Fresh Blooms

The best of both worlds is having dried and fresh flowers making up your bridal bouquet. Gathered Creative Co. came up with this bouquet that reminds us of the rustic-boho vibe. It’s so elegantly put together and yet it still exudes a relaxed and free-spirited feel with its unstructured arrangement and earthy colors. It’s no surprise why many brides love rustic bouquets as these always look so striking in photos!

Photo Credit: Myio Okamoto, Gathered Floristry

Abundance of Greenery

More couples are also leaning towards heavily incorporating foliage or greenery as part of venue décor. Greenery in combination with string lights and floral arrangements are becoming popular these days for ceiling installations and reception tables, because it creates such an interesting visual. From top to bottom, your guests will surely be impressed by intricate layouts just like this setup by Amelia Blossoms.

Photo Credit: Adrian Ardiente, Amelia Blossoms

Minimalist and Natural Arrangements

Another well-loved arrangement would be one which harmonizes with its surroundings such as this aisle styling by Moki Gray. Sometimes the most eye-catching flowers are those that show-off their natural charm. Flowers grow in various directions and that’s really what makes them so interesting to look at.

Photo Credit: Moki Gray

A Variety of Textures

Here’s an idea to make your table styling even more unique. Ginger Event Styling uses a variety of vessels for the flowers and also incorporates greenery and sprigs with some pops of color. This kind of combination makes a banquet table look so modern. It’s a great alternative if you want something really different from the classics. Being playful and adventurous with your table styling can truly help make your wedding a memorable one!

Photo Credit: Ginger Event Styling
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