These Couples Share their Realizations as Newlyweds in Quarantine!

Pushing through with your wedding during this time is one thing, living together with quarantine restrictions in place is another. How have newlyweds been coping during this pandemic? Is it harder to be cooped up together with not many places to go but the grocery? What realizations about marriage has quarantine led them to? Let’s […]

This Couple Planned a Whole New Dream Wedding in Three Days!

With only one week left to go before JR and Maric’s destination wedding in Batanes, the lockdown was announced, and the dream wedding they planned wasn’t going to become a reality anymore. “We grieved and found ourselves restless. We never expected that the entire event will be cancelled with no clear date to revert to […]

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7 Details To Make Your Wedding More Meaningful and Personalized!

Adding personalized details can truly make your wedding a most memorable and meaningful event whether it’s grand or intimate. Take inspiration from these couples who customized wedding details according to their personalities, backgrounds, interests, and love stories! Tagged: Meaningful Wedding Details / Personalized Wedding / wedding details

These Chic Bridal Face Masks Can Complete Your Wedding Look

While staying safe and healthy is the number one priority, you can still look stylish by having your face mask complement your gown and accessories! Fashion designers and bridal stores have created beautiful face masks which brides can wear for a new kind of chic and sophisticated wedding look. Find a mask that will match […]

This Simple and Classy Intimate Wedding Exuded Warmth and Romance

You might think that masks would stop you from taking beautiful photos, but this couple proves otherwise. Even with masks on (plus rainy weather), you can tell that they’re grinning from ear to ear! Von and Lloydine were also surprised by how solemn, pure, and family-centered their intimate wedding turned out to be. It may […]

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