Here Comes The Bride All Dressed in a White Suit and Beige Stilettos!

Jerome and Riz swayed away from the norms of a traditional wedding by opting to wear matching suits for their special day, and boy did they both kill it in those suits! A quick look at the photos of their wedding day might make you think about including some wedding suit pegs as options for […]

An Intimate Wedding of 14: The Perfect Time for a Beautiful Rustic Wedding at Home

Most of us try to find the perfect time for certain occasions so we feel everything will flow easily when that event or scenario comes. We have it all planned out in our minds, but that’s just the thing—for the most part, not everything is in our control. Tides, seasons, and circumstances may change, and […]

The Look



Love Conquers All: A Checklist to Help Plan Your Intimate Wedding

At some point in our lives, we’ve all thought about the wedding of our dreams, whether as a young girl dreaming of happily ever after or just as a fleeting thought during a wedding we’ve attended. An idea that never crossed our minds was how drastically a pandemic could change everything. Over a year after […]