Here Are a Few Invitation Ideas to Communicate Your Change in Wedding Plans!

With so many changes and emerging trends surrounding the wedding scene, it is admittedly getting harder for soon-to-wed couples to keep up. In a similar way, guests are also dazed and unsure of how they should proceed. While some may be forward enough to keep asking for updates, other guests may be patiently waiting to hear from you. We know you already have a lot on your plate, so we prepared this guide to hopefully lighten the load. We listed down the most common scenarios couples are facing today and examples of how to communicate the changes. Keep scrolling to see they got creative with their updates!

[Layout- If You're Postponing Your Wedding to A Later Date]

As one of the more popular choices for 2020 couples, postponing your wedding can definitely be announced in style. There’s tons of ideas and pegs available online for postponement announcements, whether or not you’ve already locked in a new date. Even if you’re planning for a wedding a year or two away, it’s still advisable to let your guests know as early as possible because there are large number of couples looking to reschedule to a similar timeline as yours. Be sure to choose wisely who you send these out to since you can’t know for sure if you will still be in close contact with the same people a year or two from now.


[Layout- If You've Made Tentative Plans Depending on the Situation Closer to Your Date] 

This year has been full of life lessons—one of the harder ones was that plans change and we have to accept that some things are out of our control. There is nothing wrong with making plans and moving forward; however, it might also be helpful to set expectations at the onset. You can opt for a separate sheet or simply a line insert in your invitation suite to let your guests know you are still monitoring the situation. Direct them to your wedding website or a designated contact person, so that they can stay updated should the plans change.


[Layout- If You Want to Assure Guests of the Safety Protocols You Will Be Enforcing]

Even with an intimate number of guests, you still have to consider the recommended health and safety protocols and ensure their effective implementation. From the wearing of face masks to voluntary home quarantine before the wedding, couples have started including their precautions in their invitation suite. Although unconventional, the added information will bring comfort to your select guests and ensure they are informed of the protocols they will be expected to comply with at the wedding.


[Layout - If You've Already Invited Guests and But Now Have to Scale Down the List]

There is no comfortable and graceful way to rescind an invitation, but as long as you are honest and genuine with your words, guests are more understanding. Letting them know as soon as possible will also be appreciated since some may have already started making arrangements for your wedding. Even though letting them know in person would be ideal, this is not recommended given the current situation. Other respectable options to let your guest know include a personal phone call, text, or e-mail.


[Layout- If You Already Decided On A Minimony and Would Like to Inform Your Guests]

With all the uncertainty and craziness, it is quite understandable if you already jumped the gun and only remembered your guests after the fact. It would still be a sweet gesture to inform the initially invited guests before making the public announcement on social media. Whether through print and mail or sent virtually, the extra effort to let them know suggests you would have loved for them to be present on your special day, if only the situation were different.


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