Macro Wedding, Micro Wedding, Sequel Wedding: Which One Fits You the Best

The pandemic has changed the landscape of wedding planning, and some of these changes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But, as we’ve witnessed, the wedding industry definitely excels at adapting. Alternative options of how to celebrate weddings emerged and became less of a phenomenon and more of a new norm. So, let’s do a little break down of the three different types of weddings we’ll continue to see. Read on and see which one would suit you the best!

Macro Wedding, Micro Wedding, Sequel Wedding: Which One Fits You the Best

The Macro Wedding

What is it?

As the name suggests, a macro wedding is the complete opposite of an intimate wedding. This is a lot closer to the kind of weddings we were used to celebrating pre-pandemic. It’s a much grander affair with over the top elements such as lavish ceiling installations, abundant floral arrangements, custom tables and chairs, among others. We’re expecting more comebacks of macro weddings, especially now that pandemic restrictions are easing.

Who is invited?

The main distinction of a macro wedding is the size of the guest list, which could be anywhere from 100 and beyond. Couples are once again looking forward to having a higher headcount, which could include all of your work colleagues, extended relatives, friends of your parents, and more. Really, the sky is the limit.

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What are the details included?

A higher headcount requires a bigger venue, and this usually means ballrooms or wide outdoor spaces. It’s important to remember that some venues may still require physical distancing. So, couples may want to look for larger venues with enough space for guests to be in safely.

In a macro wedding, a lot of effort is poured into the details, down to the finer inclusions like handmade Thank You cards. Couples would also invest in elevating their guests’ experience by having coffee bars, specialty wedding favors, custom cocktail blends, and the like. Macro weddings could also take the form of multiple celebrations. Think of it as an entire weekend’s itinerary complete with a welcome dinner, and a post-wedding day brunch.

Consider a Macro Wedding if:

  • Your non-negotiable is having as many of your friends, family members, and colleagues as part of your wedding. You’d want to be surrounded by every single person who matters to you.
  • You’re prepared to spend a lot more for catering, event styling, and accommodations (if you’re planning a destination event).
  • COVID restrictions in your area allow you to have a much bigger event with a higher number of people in attendance.
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The Micro Wedding

What is it?

Micro weddings are intimate celebrations that are far more scaled down than a macro wedding. Some micro weddings can be elopements or civil ceremonies. But it doesn’t mean skipping out on wedding traditions, and the chance to celebrate in a meaningful way!

Who is invited?

A micro wedding consists of a highly curated guest list, typically, with no more than 50 people in attendance. These are the people who genuinely fall under the category of your “nearest and dearest.” In some intimate weddings, only immediate family and entourage members are invited to the event in-person, while the rest of the guests tune in through a livestream. Other micro weddings are pared down even further with just 10 guests, and sometimes, that already includes the photographer.

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What are the details included?

Fewer guests may give you more possibilities when it comes to choosing a venue. You can rent out a café, book your favorite restaurant, or even host your wedding at home! For a micro wedding, typically, all you’ll need are the essentials — good food, great music, and booze! Plus, the presence of the people you love.

While not as elaborate as a macro wedding, you may still hire a florist and a stylist to decorate your table scapes with simpler arrangements that wouldn’t require an entire production team to put together.

Consider a Micro Wedding if:

  • You’d rather spend less on decorations, venue, food, and other gimmicks, and focus more on what you feel are the essentials.
  • You’d rather not worry about so many details and the amount of time it takes to plan a more elaborate wedding.
  • Big events are just not your thing, and you simply prefer to sit back and relax with family and close friends.
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The Sequel Wedding

What is it?

Think of a sequel wedding as the continuation, or round two, of your celebration held at a later date, let’s say, one year after you’ve been legally married. You may have had, or choose to have, an intimate or micro wedding first, and hold a bigger event later on. The sequel wedding has been an option nowadays so that couples who were forced to postpone their big weddings due to COVID can still push through with their original plans.

Who is invited?

The headcount for a sequel wedding could be similar to that of a macro wedding, and it could also be your original guest list. The sequel wedding gives you the chance to invite the guests who weren’t able to come to your first celebration in-person.

This might also mean having two guest lists. To avoid issues, try sitting down with your family to clearly discuss who you want to be part of your first celebration and the sequel wedding.

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What are the details included?

A sequel wedding involves all the original suppliers you booked, but had to reschedule or postpone. This event can definitely be as grand as you want it to be! You can also decide on how you want it to differ from your first wedding celebration. If you had a courthouse or civil ceremony as part one, maybe now is the time to have a religious ceremony as part two. You could also consider a renewal of vows or simply a wedding reception with a longer program — speeches, games, SDE, dancing, and more.

Consider a Sequel Wedding if:

  • Your priority is to have a legalized marriage first so you can move forward with your plans like buying a house together.
  • You would still want to push through with your original wedding plans, and have another celebration to look forward to!
Photographer: Brille Marquez Creative Visuals / Real Weddings: After 27 Years, This Couple Finally Had Their Dream Church Wedding

Whichever kind of wedding you choose to have, we’re sure it will be incredibly beautiful and meaningful! Ready to plan your dream wedding? To help you out, take a look at our other articles on planning a wedding in 2022, and how to jazz up your special day.






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