A Romantic Wedding in Balesin with Pink Hues

On this fine morning we’re going back to Balesin Island to witness another breathtaking wedding. Jay and Linnel chose to have a classic romantic wedding with gorgeous pink accents. Everyone looked stunning, from the fashionable guests and the bridesmaids in their lovely dresses, to the groom in his vibrant blue suit! But I just have to say that […]

The Look


8 Ways to Wow Your Guests at Your Wedding Reception

While you, your friends, and your family might have shed some tears during your heartfelt ceremony, you have your reception to more than make up for that with oodles of fun! Arguably the most memorable part of the wedding, receptions are usually met with food, drinks, and dancing. But there are unique ideas and fun things you […]

We Talked About Wedding Themes and Colors This June 2017

If you’re a bride who’s currently planning her wedding, then you know well enough how important your wedding theme and colors are! It affects everything from your bridal accessories to your cakes. So we dedicated a whole month of talking about topics relevant to your theme and color scheme. Check out some of the articles […]

This Couple’s Wedding Video Will Make You Believe in Soulmates

We have another video up on the site today, folks! What you’re about to see is Martin and Ellen’s engagement and wedding video rolled into one by Project Mayo 7. From filming their pre-wedding in the scenic and cultural Dubai to sealing the deal in the Philippines, this couple truly radiated love through and through. […]

The Look


These Jewel-Toned RTW Dresses Will Give You Inspiration For Days

Fridays automatically get better when you surround yourselves with pretty gowns–just like today, with Elizabeth Kennedy’s fashion forward RTW Fall 2017 collection gracing our screens! Each dress is undeniably bold and unique in its own right, and we are loving the fresh take and awesome new inspiration you can get from all of it! From big […]