The Engagement Diamond: Things You Need To Know

Here at Bride and Breakfast, we strive to make wedding planning a bit easier, so we come up with topics that may spark interest in our readers. In the years that we have been blogging, we noticed how everyone loves ring shots, especially those of engagement rings! Well, we don’t blame you! There is something about engagement rings that stir the heart in an unexplainable manner. All I know is that beautiful bling often makes us immediately daydream. I know that ladies don’t really have a big say on choosing what ring they get when their man surprises her with a proposal, but since we are here to spread some wedding knowledge, here are a few things to consider in picking the ring. (And hopefully, this article lands on the lap of your beau!)

1. An engagement ring will always trigger memories of the proposal. A proposal may be documented by photo or video, but sometimes it isn’t. I personally believe your engagement ring will always be the best reminder of what happened that day. Whenever your glance moves to that finger of yours, memories will certainly be triggered—moments like your jaw dropping as he goes on one knee, or when he slowly opens the box and you take that first glimpse of that shimmering beauty, or when he utters the sweet words “Will you marry me?”.

2. Research, research, research! Your girlfriend will often have pegs of her dream ring. Try out your spy skills and find out where she hid them in her computer or mobile phone. Or maybe she told her best friends! Imagine if she opens that box and sees that ring she’s been dreaming of her whole life? And ladies, do your research well! You would want a ring that you will still love 50 years from now!

Now, I know not every guy knows where to start when it comes to picking the best diamond. Luckily, this absolutely breathtaking video from wedding videographer Jason Magbanua shows off what makes up the best engagement diamond, right down to the venerable Five Cs. You’ll find that, contrary to popular belief, it makes it clear that some Cs should be prioritized over others.

Here’s a brief explanation on how to pick the best diamond. I’m going to go a bit technical and bear with me for a moment—I promise this is information you would want to know! Remember the 5 C’s!

The misconception is the bigger the carat the better. But in reality, carat weight (a.k.a. diamond size) means nothing unless the diamond is expertly crafted with a precise cut that brings out all of the stone’s brilliance—my favorite among all cuts is the emerald cut. The next things to consider are the clarity and color of the diamond. It’s important to stay away from any visible flaws (get grades FL to VS2), and never settle for any hue but the purest white (from D to F). Last but not the least is the unique character that makes it stand out beautifully among other diamonds.

3. Make a wise investment. When I say wise, I mean know where your money is really going. Let’s face it, it’s hard-earned money! I personally think getting the best engagement ring is something worth investing on. Looking at it in a practical sense, the ring will not just have sentimental value, it will also have monetary value. Most of the things you will spend for during the wedding will just exist during the wedding day itself, but that engagement ring will only leave your finger when you decide to pass it on to your children.

So there you have it, some quick guidelines on how to find the best diamond engagement ring ever. And if you know any guy who is about to propose, we highly suggest you do them a favor and forward this article! Happy ring hunting from Bride and Breakfast, your virtual wedding best friend!

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