These Brides Share How They Creatively Proposed to Their Entourage!

Once you’ve decided on who your entourage members will be, the next step is for you to ask them if they are ready to take on the role of standing by your side on your wedding day. Members of your entourage are comprised of very important people in your life. So, wouldn’t it be nice to take the extra steps to make them feel how special they are, and that their presence before and during your wedding day matters to you? We asked the Bride and Breakfast Facebook Community about how they proposed to their entourage, and below are some creative ideas that can also make your squad say “yes.”

These Brides Share How They Creatively Proposed to Their Entourage

Asking Gift Set

Sending gift sets that you personally put together is always a meaningful way to propose to your entourage. Bride Cilyn from our Bride and Breakfast Community thought of curating gift boxes with extra special treats inside. What will make this even more of a heartwarming surprise is when you deliver the gift box to your entourage personally!

Photo from Cilyn Abella-Monteverde, Bride and Breakfast Facebook Community
Proposal Cookies

How about an edible proposal idea? Bride Michille asked her entourage to be part of her wedding with beautifully decorated sugar cookies! This gives you room to be creative, like choosing the shapes and designs. You can even incorporate your color motif to the cookies, if you already have one. Your favorite color will be pretty, too! Don’t you think this is a cute and practical idea?

Photo from Michille Dela Cruz, Bride and Breakfast Facebook Community
Custom Necklace

You can also give your bride squad a custom accessory like a necklace. Bride Aira from our community proposed to her entourage by giving them each a personalized necklace with their corresponding zodiac sign. A meaningful accessory can be a way to show how deep your friendship is, and that’s exactly why you’d want them to have a significant role for your big day.

Photo from Aira Bernal, Bride and Breakfast Facebook Community
Custom Beer Bottles
Let your entourage know about the fun that’s about to happen in your wedding with custom beer bottles! Bride Yuko shared that this would also make a great souvenir. You can also add a witty quote on the label like, “This pairs well with bridesmaid duties.” How exciting is that, right?!

Photo from Yuko Agudo, Bride and Breakfast Facebook Community
DIY Calligraphy
If you’re a creative like Bride Joyce, you may want to consider DIY (do-it-yourself) calligraphies. The love and thoughtfulness that you put into it will definitely be appreciated by your bridal party. After all, it takes time and effort to create a beautiful handwritten proposal card. So, it’s really extra special.

Photo from Joyce Marquel, Bride and Breakfast Facebook Community
Custom eCard
You can still make your proposal special even from afar with an eCard card that you can send to your entourage online. Bride Unaizah Joy is currently overseas, so she just used a template to make her proposal card. Not only is it convenient, but it also saves you money if you’re on a budget. Getting to receive a message with a lovely card is just as exciting as receiving a tangible gift!

Photo from Unaizah Joy, Bride and Breakfast Facebook Community
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