6 Colored Wedding Dresses for Brides Who Don’t Want to Wear White

While traditionally brides have been accustomed to wearing a classic white gown, there’s actually no rule that says you can’t wear other colors. In fact, we have featured a number of weddings where the brides did not wear white on their big day. Instead, they got creative and went for a color that they love and they nailed it! It’s important to choose the dress that makes you look and feel your best self whether it’s white or not. So, if you also feel that white isn’t for you, we rounded up a few colored wedding dresses from real weddings to give you inspiration. Read on.

6 Colored Wedding Dresses for Brides Who Don't Want to Wear White

soft gray ball gown

This soft gray ball gown looks magical with intricate detailing! The gown’s color is subtle yet the white floral appliques make it stand out even more. You may notice that it looks like the traditional wedding gown from afar, but the more you look at it the more you’ll appreciate how uniquely beautiful it is in its elegant color.

Photographer: Nice Print Photography / Real Weddings: Check Out This Dreamy and Opulent Wedding!

Beige Tulle Gown

A beige tulle gown looks dreamy on a bride. There’s just something about the natural color that gives off a sweet and warm vibe, and we find that very fitting for a lovely wedding. Can you see yourself wearing this dress on your big day?

Photographer: Mico Studios / Real Weddings: A Beautiful Delay: This Couple Had an Unintended Nighttime Post-Nup Shoot

Blush Pink Dress
For a playful take on your nontraditional wedding attire, this blush pink dress with flowy layers looks charming! See this bride below who even paired her beautiful dress with white sneakers. Choosing a soft color definitely makes you glow throughout your wedding.

Photographer: Ralph Lee Photography / Real Weddings: This Bride DIY-ed Her Wedding and We’re Loving All the Creative Details!

Bold Black Ball Gown

Who says you can’t wear black at your wedding? Make a statement and stun everyone with a bold black ball gown on your big day. The color alone exudes class, so minimal embellishments will make you look regal.

Photographer: Digital Surf / Real Weddings: Karl and Mitchie, Bride and Breakfast Facebook Album

Gown with a Blue Skirt

This wedding dress with a blue skirt looks enchanting! The lace bodice already looks interesting, yet it also emphasizes the colored skirt, making the overall look a unique one.

Photographer: Hearts & Color Photography / Real Weddings: This Wedding Has the Rustic Styling You’ll Want on Your Mood Board!

Champagne and Rose Gold Dress

This champagne and rose gold serpentine dress is stunning with full embellishments down to the train. The rose gold hue looks exquisite under daylight. We think you’ll definitely turn heads in this kind of gown!

Photographer: Bryan Venancio / Real Weddings: This Bride Wore a Champagne and Rose Gold Dress
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