How to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Wedding

Photos are among the top priorities of almost every couple. We could even say that it’s the number one non-negotiable for many soon-to-weds. That’s because photos are the closest thing you have to reliving your wedding day. They’re valuable keepsakes. You’d want every single moment of your wedding to be captured, and not one precious smile, laugh, or hug should be missed. Knowing how important photos are, you’ll need to remember some considerations when booking your photographer. In order to get the output you want, you should choose the right team. How do you do that? Keep on reading!

How to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Wedding

Consider The Style You Like
First of all determine your own aesthetic or what kind of images suit your style. Are you fans of bright and fresh photos with vibrant colors? Or do you want something with more of a vintage and nostalgic vibe? Do you love the outcome of photos shot in film? Research different photography styles by browsing wedding photos and see which one resonates with you the most. You can find so much inspiration from real weddings right here on Bride and Breakfast.

Establish Your Wedding Theme and Venue
It would be helpful to know what your theme is and the kind of wedding you’re going to have. Rustic weddings look great with warmer colors, while minimalist weddings get that extra elegant feel when there’s natural lighting. Also consider what your venue is. Pro tip: Search for photographers who have documented weddings in your chosen venue. This way, you’ll have an idea what the end result for your own wedding photos will look like.

Ask for Recommendations
It’s a wise idea to ask friends and other brides for their recommendations. Browse the wedding photos of your friends or relatives who got married before you and get their feedback about the photographers they booked. If you already have a wedding coordinator, you can ask for their help to connect you with photographers who get very good reviews. Getting recommendations from people you trust will make you feel more at ease since they can assure you about the photographer’s personality, and output.

Talk to Photographers Themselves
Talking to the photographers themselves will help you gauge if you really do jive together. You can either send them messages on their social media pages or attend wedding fairs so you can meet them in person. Some questions you can ask are: How long have you been in the industry? What are your packages and inclusions? Who will be handling our wedding if we book your team? Do you have back-up plans in case of emergencies?

Go Over Portfolios and Social Media Posts
To help you shortlist a selection of photographers, look through their social media pages. You’ll immediately see what their aesthetic is and how they manage to capture every fleeting moment at a wedding. Remember that every photographer’s style and perspective is different. Take the time to review their portfolios to figure out if they’re who you’re looking for.

Read the Reviews
Apart from going over their portfolios, you can also count on online reviews from other brides. Try to search for reviews about a specific photographer you are interested in. Think of this as a sort of pre-screening process. Couples who have worked with certain photographers will be sure to give you their honest opinions.

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