Apps and Online Platforms That Can Help You DIY Your Wedding

When technology meets the wedding industry, you bet it can be a whole lot of help especially for saving some money on expenses and DIY projects. Many couples have opted to DIY items like their invitation suite and wedding website through the use of design apps and online platforms, some of which are for free! You can also find discounts, and wedding inspiration that will allow you to enjoy planning your big day with some ease and a lower price tag. Go on and explore these apps that we listed down below!

Apps and Online Platforms That Can Help You DIY Your Wedding

For Wedding Invitations and Websites

Designing a website on is for free, all you need to do is create an account. Then, you can choose from among their multitude of templates and customize your very own wedding website. You can change the fonts, and personalize the design with your photos. Afterwards, you’ll have a URL which you can send to your loved ones. Easy, right?

Carats and Cake
Carats and Cake is another online platform where you can create your wedding website, but it does have a subscription fee starting at USD12. Good news is that there’s a 7-day free trial so you can test out the site’s features and see if you like the design selection that they offer. You can also cancel the subscription anytime. One other thing is that you can make a wedding website design from scratch, too. A blank canvas! Carats and Cake lets you completely customize beyond the available templates.

Many of us have used Canva for our work presentations and client proposals. But did you know that a lot of brides also go to Canva to design their wedding invitations? There are so many free designs to choose from and it’s so easy to edit the colors and fonts whether on desktop or mobile. Plus, you can upload your own photos, too. You can even make your escort cards and thank you cards while you’re at it!

For Wedding Planning

Wedding Happy
If you’re a bride DIY-ing your wedding planning, Wedding Happy would be a helpful app! Think of it as a virtual wedding planner on your smartphone. Simply put, it helps you organize your wedding to-do list and creates a timeline for accomplishing all your tasks. That way, you won’t miss out on anything. You can also input your payables and due dates for payments to each supplier. It’s a useful budget tracker! You’ll find Wedding Happy on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Google Sheets
I’m sure a lot of couples will agree about how incredibly helpful Google Sheets is. You can create a master list for your invited guests, track and compute your budget, and of course lay down your wedding planning to-dos. It can also be a sheet for managing tasks you assign to your entourage. So many ways to help you be an organized bride!

Be your own DJ at your wedding by coming up with a Spotify playlist. You’ll be sure to stream music that you love and enjoy dancing to. You can even ask your friends to pitch in their favorite songs, so that everyone will have a good time. Here’s a tip: Segment your playlists for dinner, dance numbers, and after-party. And just be sure to subscribe to a premium account even if it’s only for a short period of time. You wouldn’t want ads interrupting your party now, would you?

Pantone Studio
Can’t pinpoint that exact shade of purple in your head? Or do you need to send color samples to your bride squad? Pantone Studio can help. The app can help you identify the right colors and it can give you a clearer idea about which colors you can combine as your official motif.

for Wedding Shopping

Our trusted shopping app! We’ve featured several brides who bought wedding dresses, shoes, and accessories on Shopee. I bet you can find pretty good quality guest favors here, too. And at discounted prices. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of all those monthly sales?! Just don’t forget to read the reviews carefully.

Much like it’s competitor, Lazada is also very much a helpful shopping app. You can literally find everything you need such as the skincare and makeup products to achieve that bridal glow through LazBeauty. Try searching for wedding veils, and I’m certain a host of options will pop up. A couple of high-end brands even have Lazada flagship stores you can take a look at, and check if there are items or bundles on sale!

Are you familiar with other apps or online platforms that can help you with wedding planning? Share the details with your fellow brides in the comments!

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