This List of Suppliers Will Help You Achieve Your Dream Wedding!

Wedding planning can be challenging but having the right team by your side can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking for a professional photographer to document your special day or a makeup artist to glam you up, here’s a list of some of the suppliers from our directory to give you a head start. Click on their directory links to see more of their works and feel free to contact them directly should you have any questions. Finding the right supplier is definitely a lot like finding love, you just know when it’s the right fit. So, go on and check them out!

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This List of Suppliers Will Help You Achieve Your Dream Wedding!


Your wedding is a very special milestone and you’ll want to have a remembrance of it. Here’s a list of photographers you can book depending on the look and feel you’re going for.

Benjie Tiongco
If you’re going for a modern vibe, you should browse through the works of Benjie Tiongco. His photos are a balance of artistry and beautiful timing, capturing the most important moments from the best angles.

Foreveryday Photography
Foreveryday Photography is known for their light and bright photographs that always tell a story. They capture the raw emotions–the burst of tears, the sudden laughs, the warm smiles–in such a way that when you revisit your photos years after, you’ll have the privilege of experiencing the same special moment all over again.

Kat Javier Photography
Are you planning a destination shoot or wedding? If yes, then scroll through the portfolio of Kat Javier Photography. She specializes on travel photography and destination engagement shoots, capturing your special love story against the beautiful backdrop you’ve chosen.

Orange Studios
Orange Studios is a Davao-based team that boasts of their tailored approach and service so you can rest easy knowing that their top priority isn’t only giving you the best photographs, but also the best experience.

Ram Marcelo
Ram Marcelo Photography will follow you anywhere in the world. As a destination photographer based in Manila, he has seen many places and has documented countless of love stories that will warm your heart. What sets him apart? His creative flexibility and natural love for seeing the world.



There are just some things that are better captured on video. Here are a some Videographers to choose from.

Hello & Co Cinema
Hello & Co. Cinema turn their backs on the usual, the overdone, and the templated video outputs. Instead, they make honest films for real people. Their promise is to deliver a wedding film that you can truly feel for and call your own.

Studio King
Studio King creates cinematic videos that are so creatively put-together, it feels like you’re watching a movie. The angles, the music, the storytelling–you have to see it for yourself.

Theia Films
Theia Films, a group of creative storytellers, can transform your narrative into a well-crafted cinematic output. From your preps to your reception party, this group will capture the most important moments.


Hair and Makeup

These makeup artists can enhance your beauty on your wedding day!

Ellen Drilon Makeup
Ellen Drilon Makeup adds just the right amount of color to make you look blooming and beautiful on your wedding day.

Uncover Bride
Whether you like a ‘barely there’ makeup or a dramatic look, Uncover Bride can do it for you!


Wedding Coordination

Chalebrations Events Planning and Management
Chalebrations Events Planning and Management will literally hold your hand when something goes wrong during your wedding. As an events planner and coordinator, they always have a contingency plan to keep everything smooth and as planned.



The Alpha Suites
The Alpha Suites provides a convenient venue for your intimate or grand celebration. They have function rooms that can be styled any way you like, or if you’re having an intimate celebration, you can opt to choose any of their restaurants.



Invitations by Ten
Invitations by Ten will help you achieve the creative wedding suite you’ve always wanted. Do you have a special wedding theme? Talk to them about it!


Jewelry and Accessories

Brilyo Jewelry
If you want bespoke jewelry pieces for your wedding day, you have to checkout Brilyo Jewelry. From a necklace to an engagement ring, they can customize beautiful pieces that are one of a kind.


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