Here Are 8 Special Ways Your Kids Can Participate at Your Wedding!

There’s no doubt that your kids play important roles in your lives. That’s why you’d want your wedding day to be just as much their celebration as it is yours! Sharing the spotlight with your kids not only makes them feel included but also honors your bond and commitment as a family. Even if they’re still babies, there are different ways you can have your kids participate during the ceremony and reception. Here are a couple of ideas for you!

Here Are 8 Special Ways Your Kids Can Participate at Your Wedding!

Let Them Be Part of Your Entourage
There are a few different roles you can give your kids as entourage members. You can assign them as the Junior Bridesmaid, Junior Groomsman, Ring Bearer, or Flower Girl. Another option is to make them your sign bearer. How adorable would it be for your little one to walk down the aisle carrying a sign that says, “Here comes the bride!” or even something witty, like, “Hey, Dad! Here comes the love of your life!” One more touching idea is to have your child escort you towards the aisle, and give your hand away.

Photographer: Team Pat Dy, Pat Dy, Nelwin Uy Photography, Chissai Bautista / Real Weddings: Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna’s Wedding in Bataan Looked Like a Dream!

Make Them Part of Your First Dance
Another idea is to choreograph your first dance in a way wherein your kids can take part, too! A Mother and Son or a Father and Daughter dance would be such a heartwarming sight to see. You can even choose meaningful songs to dance to!

Wear Matching Dresses or Suits
Wouldn’t it be cute to have your child wear a mini-me version of your wedding attire? Whether you’re wearing a custom dress or a chic outfit off-the-rack, consider an exact same copy for your little one to wear! If you have extra room in your budget, maybe you could have their attire customized with the same details as your own. They would instantly stand out from the rest of the young members of your entourage!

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Give Them a Wedding Day Gift
You’ve seen couples exchange gifts with one another on the day of the wedding. So, here’s an idea! Prepare gifts for your kids, too. Think of something they would really enjoy – a toy, new clothes, a game, or maybe something they can keep for a long, long time. Hand it to them during your pre-ceremony preparations, so you can also take lots of keepsake photos of this moment!

Write Vows Dedicated to Your Kid/s
You’re not only making a commitment to your partner, but to your kids as well. Even if they’re too young to understand,  the videos they can look back on will serve as a special reminder. Take some time to write vows dedicated to your kids, and present it to them during your ceremony. There won’t be a dry eye among your guests when they hear it!

Photographer: Chestknots by Jay Jay Lucas / Real Weddings: Spot All the Touching Details from Bettinna Carlos’ Intimate Morning Wedding (Part 1)

Schedule Photo Ops with Your Kids
Don’t forget to include your kids in the photoshoots! I’m sure your photographer will be prepared with a shot list, but it’s always good to be specific, too. Ask that your kid/s be a highlight of photos during the preparations, post-ceremony, reception, and the like. If you have babies, talk to your photography team and ask to schedule photo ops with them around nap times.

Photographer: The Daydreamer Studios / Real Weddings: This Couple Played a Violin and Ukulele Duet on Their Wedding Day

Come Up With Their Own Signature Non-Alcoholic Drinks
If you’ll have a bar catering service during your reception, ask your supplier if you could come up with a signature mocktail or beverage in honor of your kids! You can incorporate their favorite flavors and share it with the rest of your loved ones. It’s a crowd pleasing addition to the menu!

Ask Them to Do a Song or Dance Number
If your child is willing, why not ask them to prepare a song or dance number during your wedding reception program or even the ceremony? Your guests will surely love to see a performance from them! It’s also a fun and creative way to liven up the party.

Photographer: Chestknots by Jay Jay Lucas / Real Weddings: Spot All the Touching Details from Bettinna Carlos’ Intimate Morning Wedding (Part 1)
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