How to Make Your Wedding Aisle Solemn and Sacred

One of the highlights of a wedding is undoubtedly the bridal march. Everybody anticipates the excitement and the build up of emotions as the ceremony door slowly opens. While all the guests are stunned at the beauty of the bride from their perspective, have you ever wondered how the aisle looks like from the view of the bride? If you’re the type who wants to keep her bridal walk solemn and sacred, meaning you only want to walk towards your groom and the altar and not towards camera lenses, here are a few tips you can do.

How to make your wedding aisle solemn and sacred

Coordinate with your suppliers

If you’re particular about making your walk down the aisle solemn and free from any distractions, specifically tell your photography and videography team your vision so they can plan around it. They may suggest to get a few shots in when the doors open then they can move to the side when you start walking towards your groom. Also let your wedding coordinator know about your request so that they can guide your guests to steer clear of the wedding aisle.

Use decorations strategically

Use your aisle decorations as a reminder for your guests that you don’t want anyone crossing the aisle while you walk towards the altar. Aside from tall flower arrangements that can emphasize that the aisle is off limits, you can also put aesthetic signages with witty reminders.

Shorten your guest list

There’s a certain charm in intimate weddings. Aside from the fact that everyone is engaged in what’s happening during the ceremony, having a few guests can help you fulfill the solemn environment you’re dreaming of. The fewer the guests, the lesser the possibility of people roaming around your ceremony venue.

Go for an unplugged ceremony What’s an unplugged wedding and why are more couples going for it? It’s usually a request made by the couple to encourage the guests to keep their cameras and phones during the ceremony to minimize any unnecessary movements. By choosing to announce this request, you won’t need to worry about people trying to get the best first-look shot or the best first kiss photo, keeping your wedding aisle clear from spectators. That’s the work of your photography team anyway, right?

Give children a special role Kids would love to have a role in your wedding day more than just sitting around. Give them an activity such as throwing flower petals, blowing bubbles or waving wedding wands so they won’t feel bored and wander about. Plus, it’ll make your wedding march cuter, too!

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