10 Most Common Wedding Planning Questions You Asked Us This Year

We’ve seen so many changes in the wedding scene in the past year. From spectacular micro-weddings and unconventional bridal looks, to drive-by receptions and virtual programs, you never really know what wedding trends will take off next. Whether you’re newly engaged, about-to-be-engaged, or already in full-blown wedding planning mode, we’re sure you have more than a few questions you want addressed. To help you navigate the crazy (beautiful) world of weddings, we answered the 10 most commonly asked wedding planning questions this year. Do you think we missed out on any important topics? Go ahead and ask your questions in the comments section and we’ll continue to come up with relevant content to address them!

10 Most Common Wedding Planning Questions You Asked Us This Year


(Header) Can we have a beautiful wedding while on a budget? 

No matter the season or the current situation, this question always seems to make the list. It is definitely possible if you follow these three things: Agree on a budget. Prioritize your essentials. And think out of the box for the rest. We asked the experts for some tips on planning dream weddings on a budget—check out what they shared here.

(Header) What are my suppliers' rebooking and cancellation policies? 

It’s important to know and understand the answer to this before booking your wedding suppliers. Make sure it’s clear what your options are if there be changes to the original plan so that there are no surprises. Remember that agreements should be fair to both parties, so you can’t always get a full refund when the other party has already put in the work.


(Header) How many guest lists do I need to prepare? 

It’s not about how many guest lists you need to prepare. It’s about being open and able to adapt your guest list as often as necessary. It’s good to start with one list for the best case scenario and one list for the worst case scenario. As the date draws nearer and the situation is clearer, you can slowly adjust your guest count accordingly.


(Header) With so many sudden changes in quarantine guidelines, when is the right time to send out wedding invitations? 

This is a tricky one, so there is definitely no one right time. You can inform those closest to you about your plans, as long as you’re comfortable enough to talk them about sudden changes in plans, if any. You can wait about 4-6 weeks before your wedding date to send out the invites since this allots enough time to adapt plans to the current situation and make any adjustments needed. Should unforeseen changes in guidelines arise, here are some ideas for communicating changes in wedding plans.


(Header) How do I choose a theme and color for my wedding? 

After you’ve locked in a venue, the next step is to come up with a theme and color palette that would seamlessly complement it. Scan weddings online for inspiration, take note of the latest trends, and come up with a mood board of styling elements that you like. Whatever style you choose, make it uniquely your own by incorporating little details that have a special meaning to you as a couple.


(Header) What parts of the wedding can we D.I.Y.? 

If you have the time and a love for arts and crafts, you can task yourself to D.I.Y. some of the wedding decor. From name cards to giveaways, there are a lot of things you can take over instead of outsourcing. You might even save on the budget, while adding a personal touch like no other. Remember that you can also D.I.Y. by delegating to your trusted guests. Ask for their help with the D.I.Y. decor or have them be the host or DJ for the festivities. If you’re planning to D.I.Y any part of your wedding, ask these questions first.


(Header) Is a second wedding dress or reception dress necessary if it's a small wedding? 

This one is entirely up to the bride. If you’re the kind of girl who always wanted two white dresses or if you just think you would be more comfortable in a more casual ensemble, get that second dress. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re madly in love with your gown or if you’re looking to maximize your wedding dress, why not wear it from day to night? Your opinion is whose matters the most here, darling bride!


(Header) Can we have a traditional wedding entourage? 

This would depend on the capacities and guidelines of your chosen ceremony venue. While most allow the entourage to march down the aisle and take photos after the ceremony, there are still others that do not due of the current situation. You can always plan a photoshoot prior to the ceremony or prepare special gifts to thank them for their support. There’s nothing wrong with changing up traditions. If you’re in the entourage of your bride-to-be BFF, make sure to try these socially-distant ways you can show the bride some love.


(Header) How can we involve our loved ones who will not be attending the wedding? 

Whatever the reason they cannot be present on your special day, you will surely be in their hearts and prayers on your wedding day. You can still involve them thanks to the power of technology. Consider setting-up a livestream, collecting video messages to view on your wedding day, or sharing your wedding video at a later date. You can also opt to go the non-digital route and collect hand-written letters from them or send them over a bottle of your wedding champagne to celebrate.


(Header) Can I still plan for a honeymoon? 

Of course you can still plan a romantic getaway as newlyweds! The key is to be flexible and to set the right expectations. Some countries may have stricter travel restrictions, and certain destinations might be considered safer choices compared to others. It might not look like the honeymoon you initially dreamed of, but with a little creativity and a lot of patience, almost any getaway can feel like paradise.


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