Check Out These Expert Tips on Choosing Cocktails That Match Your Wedding Program!

Along with a delectable spread of food, cocktails are another element that make your wedding memorable for you and your guests. With so many options out there, how do you choose which ones are the best for your wedding program? There really are no standard rules! The most common recommendation? Include drinks you enjoy sipping on the most while having a good time in your bar menu. If you’re still looking for more tips, we asked Manila Craft and Sebastiao Cocktails for some of their suggestions on what cocktails would match your wedding program, whether casual and intimate or grand and formal.

Check Out These Expert Tips on Choosing Cocktails That Match Your Wedding Program!

Intimate Wedding (50 Guests or Less)

Curate some popular and premium cocktails for the people closest to you. An intimate wedding guest list usually consists of your immediate family and longtime friends, so you’re already familiar with what they like. You can choose cocktails that they prefer having in hand whenever you hang out together to make your reception a cozier one!

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The cocktail we would immediately think of serving at an intimate wedding would be sangria, because wine not? Kidding aside, this cocktail is definitely the conversation starter. It is light-bodied, fruity, refreshing, may be easily enjoyed during a semi-family reunion with your titos and titas, and doesn’t get people wasted right away.

Grand and Formal Wedding (100 Guests and Up)

Here are some recommendations you can keep in your notes for when we can celebrate weddings with a bigger crowd again! Opt for a drinks menu that is a definite crowd pleaser. You can’t go wrong with the classics like gin and tonic or an old fashioned.

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It is best to stick with classics and cocktails that are already popular. The menu should be approachable and easy on the eyes, but we always recommend the couple add their choice of cocktails, the drinks they themselves would drink. It keeps the menu grounded to their personalities. It’s their party after all.

Sit Down Dinner

Consider your menu as a whole and ask your suppliers for pairing recommendations. Pick cocktails that would enhance the flavors of the meals you will serve and will surely get everyone even more excited to eat! Wouldn’t it be great to have plated meals that come with matching cocktails that take you on a gastronomical journey from appetizer to dessert?

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Our top recommendation for this kind of event would be the Aperol Spritz. It consists of Prosecco, soda water, and aperol. It is a palette enhancer, aperitif, and appetite booster. However, when you’re planning on ending dinner with a unique twist, it’s best to consider serving a dessert cocktail. For example, our Bicol Eggnog made with cream, pili nuts, spiced rum coffee, and liqueur.

Buffet Dinner

When you have a buffet dinner, why not consider having a buffet of cocktails, too? Mixing your own Sangria sounds like a great way to entertain your guests, and they’ll surely appreciate getting to customize their own drinks to their taste. You can open your drinks bar before dinner or during if you prefer having some wine along with the meal.

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We love sticking with the buffet theme whenever there’s a buffer going on. Couples can opt to have a gin bar and a sangria bar where the guests can come and go as they please, pouring their own glasses and picking their own garnishes.

Looking forward to toasting to these creative concoctions? Of course you are! Cocktails have a special place in weddings thanks to their ability to provide liquid courage and just the right buzz. Serving thoughtfully curated cocktails is also another way to give guests a peek into your love story and show appreciation for being present on your big day. We asked these cocktail caterers for more tricks to keeping you and your guests happy, and here’s what they had to say!

Carefully Plan Your Booze Budget

Talk to your cocktail caterer and be clear about what you envision for your wedding vibe as well as the budget allocated for alcohol. Your bar menu is flexible and determined by the requirements you communicate to your supplier. Try this handy guide on how much alcohol you should buy for your wedding for a good estimate of how much alcohol to prepare.

We first ask our clients the whole vibe that they envision for their guests. Second, we divide guests into major segments to know which cocktails suit their preferences best. Lastly, the range of cocktails will generally depend on the couple’s budget and how much they are willing to invest on the memories they will partake on their guests during the event.

Choose Cocktails You Personally Love

While it’s good to think about your guests’ palette and preferences, always remember it’s your special day, so you have every right to choose a drinks menu that will make you happy! Choose drinks which you enjoy the most and which are memorable to the both of you as a couple. It could be the first bottle of wine you had together or your favorite cocktail on date nights.

Try not to get caught up with stereotypical male and female cocktails. Men can drink sangria and a lot of women love their negroni. Also, while it is very important to have a popular and familiar selection of cocktails (to not intimidate a big crowd), don’t be afraid to include two or three that you personally like, no matter how off-beat they seem.

Serve Pre-Dinner Cocktails to Entertain Guests

While waiting for the official program to start, you can serve a few pre-dinner cocktails to keep your guests entertained and prepare their stomachs for the sumptuous meal you’ve prepared. But don’t go all out just yet, because you wouldn’t want people getting drunk before the party even begins!

We recommend having cocktails served before dinner or while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive after post-nuptial picture taking. Our team believes in social drinking, and not just drinking for the intention of getting wasted. Our recommendations that are best paired with finger food would be the Aperol Spirtz and Gin & Tonic. Both of these cocktails are aperitifs and have bitter notes, therefore they easily enhance the overall drinking and dining experience.


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