Marrying in Style: This Couple Nailed Every Outfit in Their Destination Wedding!

There are couples that are so clearly meant to be together that it’s hard to imagine there was ever a time before they met. Cito and Cheskie are one such pair, and in case you’re curious, they did have to meet, once upon a time. Specifically, over a decade ago at Cheskie’s sister’s house party. Cheskie was tasked by her mother to chaperone but ended up entertaining a gate crasher throughout the night, Cito. They talked ‘til sunrise, and were inseparable from that day.

Their wedding, set on their 10th year anniversary, was a weekend-long affair in Bohol that featured fashionable outfits, heart-warming speeches from family and friends, performances by notable names in the local scene, impeccably styled tablescapes, as well as copious amounts of alcohol and dancing the night(s) away. Scroll through this set by Proud Rad and read more about this fun celebration through the stories of the bride below.

Marrying in Style: This Couple Nailed Every Outfit in Their Destination Wedding!

Cheskie, who formerly worked in PR, says she approached wedding planning as she would an event, picking each element mindfully and ensuring the experience of their guests was seamless throughout. The couple now lives in Singapore together, but most of the wedding planning was done long-distance, as Cheskie moved abroad ahead. That also meant a long-distance relationship for the pair, which–we’re not surprised–only made their relationship stronger.

Bohol was the way to go for them venue-wise, as it gave the couple and their friends and family an excuse as well as a beautiful place to come together and spend an entire weekend in each other’s company. At the welcome dinner, Cheskie wore the first of six different dresses she would don over the weekend, a pink tulle number by Sassa Jimenez. Alongside his bride-to-be, Cito was fashionably clad in a terracotta jumpsuit by Araw The Line. Muted clay colors and handmade linens were present throughout the styling for the wedding, executed by Wild Reverie, which had an overall warm and earthy feel.

At the Church of Our Lady of Assumption, a beauty in itself, the pair finally met at the altar, Cheskie in her decadent Zuhair Murad gown and Cito in Joey Samson. See if you can spot the personalized wedding accessories crafted by the bride’s family’s line, JMA Jewelry. The arrhae, as well as the pin that Cito wore throughout the weekend, all contained the couple’s wedding crest. At the reception, both bride and groom made outfit changes–Cito into a slate Ziggy Savella suit and Cheskie into a Martin Bautista number, then followed by her silk halter “after party dress” from Araw The Line. Family and friends ate, drank, and danced the night away, seeing Cito and Cheskie into their ever after adventure ahead.

About the Wedding Theme: “We wanted it to be very organic with subtle earth tones. We used a ton of terracotta clay colors since Cito and I like orange and pink, respectively. Everything was handmade and especially curated for us—from hand dyed linens, newly baked pots and dried foliage.” -Cheskie, Bride

On Wedding Planning:
“Oh, it was quite a challenge. 80% of the wedding planning was spent apart. Cito was still based in Manila while I was already living in Singapore. However, we do think it made us stronger as couple and we also got a lot of help from my siblings and entourage. But after seeing everything come together, every sleepless night was well worth it!” -Cheskie, Bride

On Wedding Planning: “Cito and I particularly enjoyed speaking to principal sponsors who shared their wisdom and great advice on love and marriage. I think a lot of people take this for granted but for us, we wanted to make sure to connect with them individually.” -Cheskie, Bride

On Wearing Six Different Dresses: 
“I love to dress up and so I took this as an opportunity to really express my style. Its my big day after all and have waited for this for so many years.” -Cheskie, Bride

About the Bride’s Favorite Dress: “My favorite will definitely be my main gown by Zuhair Murad. It was also a long but fulfilling journey finding this particular creation. I flew to different countries only to end up finding this right at my backyard—Singapore. I particularly fell in love with the delicate pearl and lace details. It was grand yet light and airy, so it was still fitting for the location.” -Cheskie, Bride

About Their Favorite Wedding Moment: “We absolutely loved every speech during the weekend. It brought back a lot of memories and I think I speak for Cito and I, when I say that this really spelled the difference for us. A wedding after all is a celebration of our journey to marriage and there was really a lot of history there. A good amount of roasting, teasing, recollection of crazy stories and great advices went around. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”-Cheskie, Bride


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Photographer: Proud Rad / Videographer: Ian Celis / Reception Venue: Amorita Resort Bohol / Bride's Welcome Party Dress: Sassa Jimenez / Bride's Preparation Outfit: Magali Pascal / Bride's Preparation Outfit: Josie Natori / Bride's Wedding Dress: Zuhair Murad / Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Bride's Reception Dress: Martin Bautista / Bride's Afterparty Dress: Araw The Line / Groom's Wedding Ceremony Attire: Joey Samson / Groom's Wedding Reception Attire: Ziggy Savella / Groom's Shoes: Gucci / Maids of Honor: Martin Bautista / Bridesmaids: Buda Gomez / Groomsmen Attire: The Fine Gentleman / Jewelry: JMA Jewelry / Stylist & Photographer: Wild Reverie / Hosts: Tony Toni Bueno & Sam YG / Reception Performance: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid / Reception Performance: Juris Fernandez / Reception Performance: Franco Laurel / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Teena Barretto Events
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