10 Things to Do with Mom Before Leaving the Nest

The love between a mother and her daughter may be forever, but their days living under the same roof are numbered the moment she says yes to her other half. Things like her last name and her mailing address will surely change, but there are things that matter more that can still stay the same. Your relationship with your mom being one of them, it’s important to treasure the days you have left living together and show her how much you love and appreciate her. To keep you from stressing over planning mother-daughter dates, we’ve gathered a few ideas of things you can do together. Keep reading to see the full list and find something you would both enjoy!

10 Things to Do with Mom Before Leaving the Nest

[LAYOUT 1 of 10 - Raid Mom's closet.]

While growing up, she must have hated finding her favorite pieces in your hamper on the exact days she wanted to wear them, but now she can’t help but feel nostalgic as the wedding day draws near. It is the time to borrow the clothes and shoes you’ve always wanted to but were afraid to ask. If you don’t wear the same clothes or shoe size, don’t fret because there’s always bags and jewellery for you to snag!


[LAYOUT 2 - Prepare a feast for the family.]

This might sound like a chore to some, but others find it therapeutic to spend an entire afternoon in the kitchen carefully preparing a sumptuous feast for the family. You can exchange stories and cooking hacks that will be helpful for future adventures in the kitchen, taking the time to bond over non-wedding related things. Invite the rest of the family to do simpler tasks like cook rice or plate the take-out, if you chose to order some of the dishes. Spend quality time with the family and make sure they know they’re not losing you, but gaining another member of the family.


[LAYOUT 3 - Have a mother-daughter Netflix routine.]

Take your pick from classic rom-coms to murder mysteries to kilig k-dramas, go with something light with characters that makes your heart swoon. Not only will the storylines provide a welcome break from the stress, it will also give you something to look forward to in case your series of choice is filled with cliff-hangers. Level up the routine by ordering your favorite movie snacks like popcorn, nachos, or corn dogs!


[LAYOUT 4 - Schedule a picnic or breakfast date.]

Nothing spells love quite like sharing food. Plan a picnic or go out for brunch, forget about the diet, and indulge in your favorite dishes! Go for whatever cuisine it is that you both enjoy and have been both craving. Don’t worry about your dresses since one meal will hardly make a difference.


[LAYOUT 5 - Take lots of photos together and print them out.] 

Don’t wait for the wedding to get started on this one. You’ll have many opportunities to pose together in intimate pre-wedding festivities or even during simple moments at home. Capture them with the help of a photographer or your smartphone so you can always look back on them when you miss mom a little more than usual or when you need that social media content.


[LAYOUT 6 - Go lingerie shopping.] 

Even if Mom is not your first choice (or second or third) for this activity, she would be more than happy to tag along! Of course you will have different expectations and ideas, but half the fun is in hearing Mom’s opinion. After all, doesn’t mother knows best? If silky slips are not your thing, definitely opt for a pajama shopping spree! If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing it will show so do what works for you.


[LAYOUT 7 - Unwind over happy hour or wine night.] 

Cocktails, wine, or bubbly—pick you poison and drink up! If there was one person you could trust to be your most loyal ally in the world, it will definitely be your mother. Let out any petty frustrations you may have and she will be your soundboard. Repeat until your mind is fully at ease. Also consider extending the therapy session to your body and end the evening with a sleepover complete with face masks and hair care.


[LAYOUT 8 - Say a prayer together for your next chapter.] 

This one may be the quickest activity on this list, but it just might be the most meaningful as well. Your relatives and go-to blogs will surely provide their fair share of advice on married life, but spiritual guidance is something that cannot be replaced or replicated. Take some time to pause and pray over your coming marriage, for blessings and for thanksgiving. This is one activity that can be done together as frequently as desired.


[LAYOUT 9 - Make plans together for after the big day.] 

Surely for the past few months, all talk has been about wedding plans, but the more important plans you should be making are the ones that come after. Discuss first with your fiancé how often and how much time you both would like to spend with your respective families and agree on a schedule to try out. Will Saturdays be exclusively for you two? Will you be spending Sunday lunch with his family or yours? Let both sides know how important it is to you to stay connected and schedule regular plans with them. If it starts to get hectic, then feel free adjust. They’ve been there too and know all too well that countless adjustments need to be made as newlyweds.


[LAYOUT 10 - Surprise her with a little something to say thank you.]

The list of ways she’s supported you for the wedding is constantly growing and if you add to that all she’s done for you since birth, then the list would be endless! While there is no gift that can totally match a mother’s love, no matter how expensive, a thoughtful gesture and acknowledgement of her effort would be much appreciated. Most especially at a time when soon-to-weds are expected to have nothing but the big day on their agenda, making it a point to pick out something special for her or treat her to a nice meal is priceless.


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