Tasteful or Tacky: A Guide to Planning an Aesthetically Beautiful Wedding

Hi ladies! Today, we’re here to help you with one of the trickiest parts of wedding planning: keeping it classy and tasteful. You see, no matter what theme you decide on–whether it’s rustic, modern, or minimalist to name a few–there’s always this exquisite thread that should sew everything together to make the best day of your life fall far away from the tacky category. So here are five tips to help you plan an aesthetically beautiful wedding.

Tasteful or Tacky: A Guide to Planning an Aesthetically Beautiful Wedding


1. Set the theme and feel

Photo: Jaja Samaniego | Real Wedding: An Elegant and Tasteful Wedding with Dusty Colored Accents

Before you start talking to any of your suppliers, it’s important that you figure out how you want your wedding to look and feel like. Look at pegs with your fiancé and decide what kind of style or theme makes both of you wide-eyed and all excited. Envision the mood of your wedding celebration too. Do you want the feel to be warm and intimate, or bright and informal? All of these will affect your choices down to the littlest details, like your color, fabric, music, and even the program flow! Once you’ve decided on the general look and feel that you want, you can relay all of this insight and information to your suppliers so they can suggest and work toward the same vision you have for your big day. Some couples skip this part of the planning process so when they talk to suppliers, they get overwhelmed and just end up saying yes to whatever they say. Skip the stress early on by knowing what you really want.


2. Mind your colors

Photo: GJ Esguerra Photography | Real Wedding: A Fresh and Elegant Cool Toned Church Wedding

This is where it mostly gets challenging. What color should you use? What shade? Are there any other colors that go with it? A tip to make things easier is to start with a neutral color as a base, then add accent colors that can bring your theme to life. For example, you can start with a light shade of gray, then add different shades of blue as accents. If you’re more attracted to bold color combinations, just make sure that the colors you choose complement each other. Play with shades too. If your main color is bright and vibrant, your supporting colors can be more subdued so that not all hues will scream for attention.


3. Decide on placement

Photo: MangoRed | Celebrity Wedding: Paolo Valenciano and Sam Godinez Part 2

Strategic placement of details is key to tasteful wedding styling. Let’s say you chose wine red as your color motif. This doesn’t mean that your table cloth, table runner, flowers, and entourage dresses should be all wine red! You can opt to incorporate your color scheme in your table napkins instead, and maybe your bouquet for a more subtle look. If you’re going for a character-themed wedding like Star Wars or Harry Potter, you can incorporate it in your wedding invites, giveaways, and a few table accents, instead of going all out and risking a more Halloween-esque wedding look.


4. Make it consistent

What makes an event tacky is when there are unrelated elements that are forced together, making your overall style look confusing. Work within your theme and let go of the details that won’t enhance it. Some of the question you should be asking yourselves are “Does this detail make sense?”, “Why should I include it?”, and “Is this element consistent with my theme?”.


5. Know when to stop

Photo: Foreveryday Photography | Real Wedding: This Bride Wore an Amazing Pantsuit in Her Modern Minimalist Wedding!

There are so many nice details that can be incorporated in your wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you should. Most of the time, less detail makes more sense and even makes your wedding look more put-together. When you’re getting unsure of your choices, step back and try to see the big picture. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments if some details are making you feel uncomfortable. At the end of the day, what all your suppliers want is to make your big day the most special and tasteful day of your life.


6. Get a creative opinion

I have some good news! You’re not alone in this. Get the opinion of a professional stylist on how you should put things together. Keep an open mind and trust their suggestions because  most probably, they have more experience than you do and they know what will work or not. You can also familiarize yourself with the different themes, styles, and trends we write about here–whether it’s about wedding fashion, themes and colors, or inspirations from actual weddings, we’re here to point you to the right direction.


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