6 Uncommon Practices You Can Actually Do On Your Wedding Day

The exciting thing about planning your wedding is being able to design your big day any way you like. Setting aside ceremonial requirements and details for getting married–having at least two witnesses and hiring an official minister who can pronounce you as husband and wife–here are some unique ideas you can incorporate in your celebration.

6 Uncommon Practices You Can Actually Do On Your Wedding Day


No Entourage

This might surprise you, but did you know that having bridesmaids and groomsmen is not required during your wedding? Some brides who want to make their walk to the altar easier and more simple can go for this option. It lessens your to-do list and cuts down your expenses because no entourage means no entourage outfits to think about. Coordination work will also be easier since you’ll be talking to less people. Do you think this option is a good idea for you?


All male bride tribe

Did you grow up with brothers? Or are your close friends mostly boys? Instead of assigning your girl friends to be your bride tribe, you can actually ask your guy friends to send you off on your wedding day! Since this is not the usual setup, you might want to clear it first with your soon-to-be if he’ll be comfortable with the idea. It will sure be fun to be surrounded by your closest and for sure, rowdy all-men bride tribe!

Photo: Metrophoto | Real Wedding: An All-Male Bride Squad Made This Wedding so Unique!


Unannounced traditions

During dinner, your guests will probably be busy savoring the food you have prepared for them while exchanging catch-up stories. Some couples opt not to disrupt this moment, so they don’t announce some wedding traditions like the cutting of the cake and the first toast. This gives your guests more room and breathing space to enjoy your reception, and makes the tradition more intimate and heartfelt for you and your husband.


Colored Wedding Gown

If you’re a bride that wants to make a statement, then going for an unconventional wedding dress is the way to do it. Walk down the aisle with a colored dress instead of the usual white, or be more creative and explore embroidered or painted dresses. Here are some brides who looked stunning in theirs.

Photo: Owen and Nikka Wedding Photography | Real Wedding: A Blush Outdoor Wedding in Baguio with a Rustic Theme
Photo: Mayad Studios | Real Wedding: You Will Love This Unique and Creative Wedding By the Beach in Batangas!


Adult Bearers

If you don’t want to worry about whether or not your wedding rings are safe and secure, and if your ring bearer will actually walk down the aisle, assign some adult friends to be your ring, arrhae, and bible bearers. It will be a fun surprise for your guests since they will expect a cute child to walk down the aisle!


Mismatched Entourage Dresses

Instead of having a uniform style or color for your bridesmaids, you can give them a range of colors to choose from instead. This will give them the chance to show their own style and personality, but still stay within your wedding theme. If you’re worried that it will look messy, give them pegs and ideas so they get the look you’re going for.

Photo: Team Benitez Photo | Real Wedding: This Bride Chose Different Colors for Each of Her Bridesmaids, and It Is Absolutely Perfect!


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