7 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat During Your Wedding Day

We can all feel the weather shift from holiday cool to bikini warm as we go deeper into the summer months here in the Philippines, and yes, it will affect your wedding day too. If you’re planning to tie the knot during these months (March to May), the advantage is that most probably your wedding day will be very sunny and bright. The disadvantage though is the heat and humidity that you’ll have to deal with–that uncomfortable sticky feeling, short tempers, and the constant craving for cool air–we know it all too well, right? So here are some ideas and tips to help you manage the summer heat and make your big day more comfortable for everyone.

7 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat During Your Wedding Day


Choose an Indoor Venue

The heat during summer time can be unforgiving. Consider booking an indoor or a roofed venue to shelter you and your guests from the sun. Or if you really prefer an outdoor celebration, make sure to provide a shaded area for your guests to possibly cool down and rest.


Skip the Alcohol During Cocktails

Surprise your guests with a smoothie bar instead of serving alcohol during cocktail time. Blended fresh fruits and ice will be a refreshing treat to cool them down for sure! You can start serving the alcohol during dinner, this way you save on alcohol costs, plus your guests can enjoy more of it during the after party.


Look for a Mist Supplier

Providing this cooling cloud of tiny droplets as your guests enter the ceremony or reception venues will do wonders to their mood. Mist is a refreshing surprise that can lower the temperature of your surroundings and body heat to lessen irritability. Ask your venue for supplier recommendations and how to pull it off. It will be added cost for you but the investment will be worth it–happy guests, happy couple!


Give Out Fans or Parasols

Choosing giveaways that your guests can use during your wedding day is both thoughtful and economical. Leave fans or parasols on their seats to help them beat the heat during the entire ceremony, making it more comfortable for them to focus and be in the moment with you. It’s also a plus that this type of giveaway can also add to your overall decor and theme.


Mind the Time

The hottest time during summer is noon time until around five pm. Schedule your celebration in a way that your guests will not be under the sun during these times. You can have a breakfast wedding that will be done by noon, or a dinner wedding under the moon, avoiding the scorching temperature of the afternoon sun.


Use Cool Tones

The colors you choose for your wedding can also affect the overall look and feel of your celebration. Choosing warm colors like red, yellow, and orange will register as hot and will contribute to the high temperature of your surroundings. Instead, choose cool colors that soothe the eyes like blue, green, and violet. Opt for lighter shades too since darker tones are known to absorb more heat.


Make the Dress Code Weather-Appropriate

If you’re foreseeing a very humid wedding day, ask your guests to come in light, flowy fabric and minimize the layer requirement as much as possible. It will be very uncomfortable for the men to dress up in a coat and tie, and for the women to wear long gowns if your wedding is at the beach, outdoors, and is scheduled at noon. Consider barongs for the men and cocktail dresses for the women if you want your wedding look to still be formal, or linen wear if you’re going for a more casual look.


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