8 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Your Advantage for Your Wedding

I think all to-be-wed couples would love to make their wedding planning as efficient as possible. While there’s no one single way to go about planning your wedding, there are certain ways to make it easier and more efficient for you. An example of this would be to make use of the tools around you, just like social media, which is accessible to almost everyone now. Scroll on to find out about the eight ways you can use social media to your advantage for planning your wedding and for the wedding day itself!

8 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Your Advantage for Your Wedding


Look for wedding suppliers.

Most, if not all, wedding suppliers, have already come to the internet and have made use of social media platforms to display and show their work. If they don’t have an official website, chances are they have an official Facebook and/or Instagram page. This is great for wedding planning because you can easily search, find, and browse everything online! You can also just message, inquire, read reviews online anytime you want to.


Send out your invites.

More and more couples are doing away with physical, printed wedding invitations and going for e-invites instead. These online invites can be just as beautiful with the right design and layout, and can help a lot in terms of cutting down costs. The most common way to send out your invites online is through Facebook, where you can reach many of your family and friends.


Create the hashtag.

How important it is to have a hashtag in weddings nowadays! Besides making it a lot easier for you to view and compile all the photos taken by your family and friends throughout your wedding, the hashtag is also a fun way to display your creativity and witty “pun-y-ness.”


Send out outfit pegs.

Sometimes the outfit pegs and inspiration for your guests can’t fit in just one small area of your printed invitation. So instead of cramming up the space and forcing things to fit (especially when you have all the illustrations and color combinations for it), why not just send out your outfit pegs online? You can do this by setting up an events page on Facebook and posting all your outfit inspiration and ideas (like style, feel, color scheme) there or by creating an account solely for that on Instagram.


Set up an events page for updates.

Similar to the point above, you can set up a Facebook events page or create an Instagram account exclusively for your wedding updates. This can help save you a lot of time, especially when you’ve got last-minute updates for all your guests about the wedding. Instead of sending out texts or personal messages in a frenzy, you can do this just one time with just one post on your events page.


Disseminate the info of the wedding registry.

If you choose to send out online invites, you can also do the same when it comes to sharing the details of your cash requests or wedding registry. This is a smart, practical way to do it. Plus, it’ll make it easier on your guests too since it’s easily accessible. So if they forget anything about the info and details, they can just keep re-checking online with just a click. If you’re looking to put up a bridal registry, but still haven’t found the perfect one, you can go ahead and check out Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond!


Play interactive games during the program.

Interactive games during the wedding are the most fun! And when you have social media to back you up, it becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3 for both you and your guests. “Best Photo,” “Funniest Photo,” “Sweetest Photo,” “I Spy,” the list of interactive, social media related games can go on. Just ask your guests to take photos of specific moments or of specific people, let them post it all (with the official wedding hashtag) on Instagram, and voila, you’ve got yourself a fun, easy game that’ll cost you nothing and touch on your guests’ competitive, creative streak.


Post your "thank you" message.

Don’t let your post-wedding activities go by without thanking the special people who were a part of and celebrated your big day with you. Sending out individual, printed “thank you” notes or cards may be costly, just like the invitations. So you can do this instead through the online route, by posting a general thank you message or if you want things more personal, sending out personal FB or IG messages to each of your guests.


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