Check Out How This Couple Tied the Knot in the Middle of the Sea!

Today’s wedding is not just any ordinary beach wedding. Why? Because Anthony and Carhen’s big day was not just held at a beach… but on a sandbar in the middle of the sea! This wedding didn’t need any grand styling because the white sandbar and surrounding pristine blue waters were more than enough to wow everyone. With just a simple all-white ceremony setup, under a beautiful rustic wedding arch, this couple said their “I Dos.” Check out this lovely wedding in Camiguin now through the photos taken by Ed Millard Photography!

Check Out How This Couple Tied the Knot in the Middle of the Sea!

Photographer: Ed Millard / Ceremony Venue: White Island Camiguin / Reception Venue: Paras Beach Resort / Bride's Dress: Rex Nicdao / Bridesmaid Dresses: Gil Macaibay III / Hair and Makeup: Milcah Tan / Hair and Makeup: Jc Smith / Hair and Makeup: Jeri Udasco / Bouquets: Boxedbloomscgy
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  1. He was my first first first love..and I was his..he was the father of my two beautiful children and he was my ex husband..hearing his testimony on how he felt the first time he saw me sometime 21 years ago proves how God knitted our souls together even from the beginning of time..though for 15 years we were separated and annulled..we were hopeless for a time when our marriage and family was broken.
    Even the court agreed and granted our annulment which took years to process.
    It was last days of December 2011 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior..since then I was changed..piece by piece of my broken heart..ashes turned to beauty..every day as I know Him..I discover a piece of unconditional love and endless forgiveness..until God’s perfect time and Anthony said “Sorry” in a prayer..we dedicate our family to Jesus and let him court me was overwhelming yet I was also can I even look at this person whom I’ve hated and hurt me for the longest time..but I praise God!By His grace and His Word in Ephesians 5:22..He reminded me on how unconditional He was to forgive me with all my filth..and He showed me to forgive others and most of all forgive myself..with God everything is possible!Not only our family was restored..He renewed our hearts for each other as we were new creation.
    And the wedding..yes it was our dream wedding!Dream wedding because it was a gift of God..a celebration of His glory manifesting in each of every person who took part,prayed and help..everything was by faith and we believe that the journey was all preplanned and pre set up by God!Through the guests,family, was placed there perfectly..but most of all it was God’s miracle of restored and renewed marriage and family that made it extra special.Thank you @brideandbreakfast for seeing the glorious light in our wedding..thank you @edmillardphotography for being the vessel of God’s glory!And to everybody who shared the roller coaster ride..we just lift all the praise and thanksgiving to our Everloving and Everfaithful God!To God be all the glory!

    1. Oh wow! Thank’s for sharing your story with us, Carhen! It’s amazing how beautiful everything turned out for the both of you. Stay blessed!

        1. Thanks for your inquiry! We’re sorry, but the suppliers list the couple gave are all that we have. We’ll leave your comment here, and hopefully if the bride sees it, she can chime in. Thanks!

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